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"Delivery Hell" At the Fremont Delivery Center Today (First EV Purchase)

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Had an appointment for 11:00am today to pick up my car and found out that it is in San Francisco...:(

Timeline of events:

- Received the email confirmation from my DS about my delivery for Friday, July 20th @ 11:00am in Fremont

- Arrived at delivery center and checked in around 10:55am.

- Sat in waiting room until 11:30am, heard customers say that the Delivery Schedule was on time.

- Around 11:40am went to inquire at the Check in station to see if my information had been submitted properly and the employee stated that Tesla was using a new check in system and the system was buggy (my info. had not been captured).

- Was advised by the check in employee to go back inside and inquire.

- Around 11:45am inquired about my reservation and was asked if I was at the right location because my name was not showing on their system.

- An employee named Martin overheard and offered to assist. Waited for about 20 mins. for Martin to return and was informed that my car was not in Fremont. There had been a communication mix up with the delivery of my car to the Fremont Delivery Center and someone from this location sent it back to San Francisco. No one took responsibility.

- Asked Martin to double check to see if my car was in the San Francisco and what would be the earliest that I could pick it up?

- Martin returned after another 20 mins. and said I could pick it up at 6 pm, right in the middle of rush hour (which I was hoping to avoid). I was also informed that the Tesla Team in San Francisco was smaller and may not have the capacity to deliver my car sooner.

- Got the name of the Delivery Operations Lead (Fremont) and was hoping that he would come and at least apologize for the mix up and Martin stated "he isn't just sitting in the back doing nothing".

- Googled the name of the Delivery Operations Lead (Fremont) found a picture and noticed that he did come out into the showroom 3 times, but spoke to others and even looked in my direction, but never stop by.

- I left the Fremont Delivery Center at 1:15pm, depressed, mentally drained and somewhat at a loss for words. It was like I had been through the process of purchasing an ICE car.

- Will be in contact w/ my DS to set up a new delivery day/time in Fremont (If I decide to purchase the car). Loan has been funded (Tesla has the check and the lien to my car has also been paid).

- New Delivery Date is July 29th @ 10:45 am. New VIN# assigned

I really believe in the Tesla Vision, but if his employees don't have the capacity to own up to their errors and learn how to accommodate customers they have inconvenienced, this fanboy, who was a Day 2 reservationist, may have to take his passion for the EV revolution else where.

I post this with the intent to inform and ask previous Tesla owners if this experience is indicative of the "Tesla Production Hell" Elon has mentioned?


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    Sorry you didn't get your car but unfortunately it's not that uncommon. Tesla has the best EV at this time but their QA and customer communications are definitely below par. I took delivery in Fremont on scheduled date but it was delayed for an hour because there were problems with the car but the good thing about Fremont delivery center is that it's near the factory so they were able to actually replace the rear console to fix one of the problems which is pretty cool. Most likely you will get your car on rescheduled date so it's not too far away. Good luck.
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    It is unfortunate that anyone buying a Tesla ends up having a bad experience. The problem with online forums, though, is that I think they artificially inflate problems when they are actually not common, mostly because people with problems post and people without problems generally don't post. I picked up my Model 3 at Fremont 2 weeks ago tomorrow and I had no problems, on the road in less than 30 minutes after my appointment time.

    I doubt that there is an ICE dealer anywhere that is pushing out new cars at the rate that Tesla is. All of the garbage being dished out by the shorts and the undeserved negative press has put a lot of pressure on Tesla. Employees should take responsibility for their errors and it's bad when a customer isn't treated the best. Once Tesla gets through the next 2 quarters with a profit, they can work on being perfect.
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    @jamaica Can you define uncommon? There are over 50,000 delivered now and I have only read, at most, a hundred experiences like this and I will guess that maybe half of the stories are true and most are probably exaggerated.

    When people read stories like the OP's and then try to say it is not uncommon they are trying to make it sound like it is common which, again, is a grand exaggeration. Do you have any actual numbers that compare how many got a car without issues vs those that had issues. I anxiously await your reply

    FYI this thread was posted earlier today and was ignored (zero replies) then disappeared into the ether of the back pages. Now this thread showed up again on the first page with zero replies until you replied. Strange that it the OP pushes this thread back to the top, IMO.
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    @magic I am going by what's posted in forum so you are right that there are exaggerated stories but I am not ready to agree half or most are exaggerated. Like Amazon reviews, there are grossly inaccurate ones but overall they have proven to be pretty good qualitative indicators consistent with my own experience.
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    @M8B - Only a small fraction of car owners/buyers participate on web forums.
    If you read 100 owners with a fuel pump problem on, you can bet there's a problem.
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    @qi Yes it is a problem for those with 100 bad fuel pumps but not those other 500,000 with good pumps. Statistically insignificant. While I do not like to have problems myself and I would not want to get a bad fuel pump I see no point in trying to make a case that the manufacturer has a problem.

    @jamaica You still do not seem to grasp the idea that the issue you are talking about is insignificant to any manufacture of volume product until the numbers really matter. The horror stories are so few compared to how many have taken delivery the horror stories are total anomalies and are very uncommon.
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    @M8B - You missed the point. Only a fraction of owners are on a web forum.

    This is a small site as far as membership goes.
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    @qi I think you missed the point and the whole pencil. My point is that only a few post anything publicly and everything on the internet is true. The silent masses have spoken and I can assure you they are not angry.
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    I too have had many issues with Tesla representatives.and agree they don't take responsibility. It really is unprofessional and upsetting.
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    ...only a fraction of owners on this website......
    7 pages a day but
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    Yup they surely could have handled it better to keep you happy. Not everyone will forgive Tesla. They need to understand their 400k list won’t last forever. They need you to refer and return as a customer in the future.

    I took delivery in Costa Mesa. But went to Marina Del Ray to take delivery of my cousins car and I was not impressed with the staff there. Neither was my cousin. There was a lot of things the staff could learn and improve on.
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    @OP - " ..... If I decide to purchase the car ..". "..., this fanboy ... may have to take his passion for the EV revolution else where."

    Considering that I waited in line for 20 hours to hopefully get the chance to buy the most important car of the century as early as possible - and considering that my last two purchases of ICE vehicles took over 8 hours each on dealership property - I would say with full confidence that enduring a 3 hour delivery mix up, although frustrating, from a company who is in the process of a significant ramp up, would not even begin to dissuade me from buying the Model 3 (and I do not consider myself a fanboy).

    This is a phenomenal vehicle and a phenomenal company - I would not let a particular experience with one or two representatives make me miss the big picture (that would be ludicrous)
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    Waited 2 yrs and now complaining of 2 weeks. Jeez. Put it in perspective please.
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