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The supercharger map shows "coming soon" locations in Mountain View (Castro Street) and Los Altos. They have been "coming soon" for a long time. Anyone know of realistic timing or am I better off trying to find a unicorn?


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    For Mountain View TMC says no plans have been found yet, so there's no info. I can't find a thread on Los Altos, so that's probably the same -- no plans found yet.
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    When a Supercharger is planned in a city, usually the pin is just the centerpoint of the city, not the planned location. Currently they say 2018, so we have another 7 months or so. Lot of variables, many of which are outside Tesla's control - such as permits, electric connections, site approval, etc. Some sites appear quite quickly and some seem to take forever. Best if you don't plan your life around a Coming Soon Supercharger :)
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    Noticed an update today: Both Los Altos and Mountain View "pins" state it will be at Target (which is on the border). So my guess is there is only one new location for these two pins.

    Makes sense, as they also have stalls in the Sunnyvale Target. Sounds like they have a deal with Target now.
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    TeslaTap - are you sure about that? All i see at those locations is wording like: " Target opening in Summer 2018" . I think they are using Target as a verb, as to 'plan' or 'aim'. I also checked a bunch of planned locations around the Bay Area and they all start with the word Target. I dont think they mean a Target store, just that Tesla is aiming for a particular time frame...
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    This is helpful thanks everyone. Target Mountain View would be cool.
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    @wilber - Your'e likely right. I blew that one! Checked MV Target yesterday. Plenty of room for a sc, but zero signs that it will happen.
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    FYI, the new Supercharger at San Ramon is indeed in the Target (store) parking lot.
    Also found this article interesting;
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    Speaking of San Ramon, there is a 2nd SuCh station going up at......

    Diablo Plaza
    2415-2505 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583
    (925) 279-1800

    These are the Urban SuCh'rs (72 kW) & will be on the corner of Twin Creeks Dr & Crow Canyon Road.

    Trust me they are very much needed in this affluent area. The first SuCh station at Target (10 at 120 kW) is packed all day long.
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    Any news about the super charger in Los Altos? Also, wonder why there are no super chargers at the Stanford Shopping Center.
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    The Tri-Valley area (San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Dublin) has the highest concentration of registered Tesla owners.

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    @jjgunn - Where did you hear about the highest concentration - a guess or some actual data? I've always thought it was the Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale area. From the number of Tesla's I see and friends I know that also own Teslas, it sure seems like it here :)
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    And another 12 miles north @TT. ;-)
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    @TT - that's what I thought too. Palo Alto especially.

    I read it somewhere recently but now I can't find it.

    I'll say this....The San Ramon SuperCharger (10 stalls) is full with a line from 9AM - 10PM every day. If the Tri-Valley area isn't #1, it's damn close.
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    @TT - I found it!!

    It was a City Planner for San Ramon. He/She must've received that info from someone at Tesla.

    Apparently, according to the planner, the Tri-Valley area (Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville) has the highest number of Teslas registered in California.
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    Surprising, but cool! Thanks for the link.
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    presidio supercharger added?
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    Yes but unless you know somebody or have a way in, the garage charges to park. 72 kW (Urban SuCh'r) I think.
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