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Employee screw up!

Today I had no access to my Tesla/SolarCity account. Turns out an employee screwed up and gave access to another customer to my account. So all my personal information which was completed and downloadable info was available to them. The new email was not mine nor did I recognize the name after speaking to customer service. I ended up doing some research and found who the person is and their phone number in case I need to contact them later. I would believe there would be some security prevention or noticed to allow me to know of any email changes. Has anyone else have to deal with this issue? what would you do if this happened to you? I'm quite sure my some law or protection for consumers were violated.


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    Take a deep breath. Calm down and let them fix it. Make a deposit into your karma bucket.
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    My concern was that my private information was viewable to the other client and how easy it was for that employee to disable and change my email login access and give it to another person.
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    After the equifax breach and several other security breaches virtually everyone in the US's data has become available to anyone willing to pay for. Take a deep breath and don't sweat it, that's just the future we get to live in now. ;)

    Though, on a slightly more serious note, most people are not out to harm others. Generally if someone were to log into an account for a product they were honestly paying for and notice someone else's information in there, they aren't going to data mine it but rather contact the company and let them know there has been some sort of mistake. That isn't a guarantee 100% of the time, but you'll most likely be okay.
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    Luckily there is no sensitive information available in your account.
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    should i buy tesla from or directly from stores
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    I don't know why but always major companies do this to us... Same happend with me by nordstrom employees for their site support.. but they didn't help me
  • If it’s something small that affects only you, there’s not much point. Fix it and move on.

    It’s more likely, though, that what you did will affect other people. In this case, I always speak up. When possible I’ll tell people what I did and offer solutions to put things right. I’ll also ask people for input if I need their input.

    Yes, your boss may be disappointed, even angry. Others may be disappointed and annoyed as well. BTW We don't have these types of employees at

    But the professional thing to do is to take responsibility and own your errors. Really, people generally respect others who step up and are personally accountable for their actions. This is how you build trust and credibility.

    No one likes people who blame, whine, or hide their mistakes because it gives the subtle message (it’s all about me and tough for you.) People who blame, stonewall, and throw others under the bus usually pay in the long run.
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    You're still a scumbag, though.
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