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Export to SCE in So Cal?

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Hi All-

Anyone have experience exporting power back to SCE in So Cal? Can this be done with a Powerwall as well?



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    I’d rather keep it since SCE is so unreliable.
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    I don't think Powerwalls are set up to export power in the US. You can offset house load and export all your solar power if you have a PV system, though.
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    Still trying to figure this out. Is the thinking...

    Peak daytime --> Solar exports to SCE for $++
    Peak daytime --> Powerwall powers the house
    Offpeak nighttime --> Grid recharges the powerwall
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    Not quite. There's an additional restriction in the US that Powerwalls installed with solar will only charge from solar. This is to preserve eligibility for the 30% tax credit. So:
    Offpeak daytime -> Powerwall charges from solar
    Peak daytime -> Powerwall powers the house, all solar is exported.

    This is assuming you're using the time-based mode. There is also a self-consumption mode that just attempts to use your solar as much as possible. There are two sub-modes for the time-based mode that change how the Powerwall deals with part-peak during the day.

    Here's a vague description of the modes:
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