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Ok, so I might be an idiot, but is there a secret to logging into your slacker account on your model 3? I signed up for a free account to make some stations and when i try to log in, it tells me invalid account. I looked at my phone and I am currently logged in with that email. Any suggestions?


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    I think you need to log in with a premium account that costs money.
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    I got a plus account for 6mo through Groupon $10 and logged in with no problem.
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    You can use a Slacker Plus or Slacker Premium account in the car, but not the free Slacker Basic account. The Slacker account provided by Tesla is a Slacker Plus account. Why did you get your own account?

    Your delivery specialist might be willing to give you the credentials for your Tesla Slacker account, if there’s something you need to do that you can only do online.
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    EVRider - the Model 3 does not have a personal credential like the S and X. I tried to get mine and they could not find it in my account - unlike my X and S. I have my credentials for X and S, but not the 3. I even contacted my Delivery specialist who gave me my X and S credentials and he couldn't get me a 3 credentials. I wanted it so I could choose to filter explicit content - my DS (who is actually not a DS anymore, but higher up) was able to get the filter explicit content done for my Model 3, but again, no credentials to be had for my car specifically. I find it very interesting...
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    Oh and I tried really hard to get them for my 3. First contacted my local delivery center - they acted like they could do it, with me on the phone, they went into my account to where they could pull it and he said, hm weird, I can't find it here. He searched several things and couldn't find it. Said he would look into it. Never heard back. I contacted Tesla through email - main help email. After many, and many I say emails back and forth, they flat out said there was no way to get it, and that they couldn't filter the explicit content. So I reached out to my first delivery specialist - who is in completely different aspect of Tesla now, and he couldn't get the credentials, but could at least filter explicit content for me.
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    Yeah, I may also discover that I 've got an issue with Slacker, as I already have a free account with my email address. Should I convert it to a plus account? Is that Groupon still available?
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    If you maximize slacker screen and scroll up you will see login option on bottom right hand corner.

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    As has been said - a Slacker free account can not be used in the Model 3 - at least I was told that as well when I was trying to get my credentials so I could filter the explicit content - the one person I talked with said the only way I could filter the content is to pay for a plus or premium account - a free account can't be used.
    Here is the statement from my email chains:
    "Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. I have forwarded your feedback to our team to see what improvements we can make to the overall experience. In the meantime you would have to create a premium account in order to apply the filter option on the vehicle. Please feel free to reply back if you have any additional feedback or concerns."
  • AZTesla - Yes, groupon is still available. If you enable 'Honey' addon for chrome, you can also apply a 20% coupon. I just bought it today for $9.60 and I can redeem when I get my car.
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    @burrdog: Every Tesla in the US including Model 3 has an associated Slacker Plus account. They might not be willing or even able to provide the credentials, but the account exists; you wouldn’t be able to use Slacker without it.
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    EVRider - I completely agree and that is what I fought the person on - it HAS to have an individual account. Just the fact that my old DS could filter my explicit content shows it - but I wonder if there is a different way they are doing it. Here are some of the email responses I got from them on it:

    "Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. Just so I understand your question, are you having issues logging into your account on the Model 3 or are you needing login credentials for the Model 3. Tesla does provide free accounts for Slacker radio on the Model S and X but do not for the Model 3"

    "Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. I apologize for the confusion. The Model 3 does use Slacker Radio, however you will need to create your own credentials to be able to log into the vehicle and the online account. Once created you will be able to use the filter option and then log into that account on the Model 3. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. "

    "Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. The reason you are able to listen to Slacker radio on the Model 3 is because it is equipped with "Basic" Slacker radio. You can create a Slacker radio account at and then once created you can enter the credentials at the bottom of the Slacker radio menu in the vehicle. If you open the app at full screen and scroll down to the bottom, you should see the login area for your own credentials. I have attached this section of the owners manual to guide you through the steps. Feel free to reply back to this email if you have any additional questions. "

    "Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. We would be more than happy to assist with this issue, however there is not account credentials to give for this vehicle. Tesla has not created a Slacker account for any Model 3 vehicles. You will need to go to and create an account then apply it to the vehicle by signing in at the bottom of the Slacker Radio app. If you need assistance in walking through this issue, please feel free to give us a call at 1.877.798.3752."

    I did not put in all my responses to each stupid reply I got - I kept hounding them that there has to be an account for my car specifically...but at last, the last one above you see is what I had to end with - threw my hands in the air, and went to my old DS for help. Just makes one wonder...
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    If you add a premium account (or any account for that matter) to your Tesla and then at a later time, decide not to use it, when you remove your personal account from the car, does it automatically revert back to the "Plus" Tesla/Car account?

    Also, does it remember and learn your likes etc on the vehicle?

    Soon to be model 3 owner!
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    @bluesmanmarlow - Thank you for that response. OK, I'll give Honey a go, too. I think I already have that installed in my Chrome. Hopefully, I'll be able to transition the Plus account to my car.
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    Oh, very cool. Honey saw that "Extra10" on Groupon reduced the cost to $2 for a six month trial. This coupon expires tomorrow!
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    I enrolled in a plus account and was able to login with my own credentials. However, there was no option to select High Audio Quality. I checked with Slacker customer support and they confirmed that the in-dash Slacker system in Tesla does not play high-quality audio, regardless of your subscription. So I cancelled the plus subscription right away.
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    I wanted Slacker credentials for my model 3 so that I can login to the account on the web or on the phone and set the quality to High. That's what I did for my model S and it did work (I think).
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    I just got delivery of my model 3 I don't even see an option for slacker radio much less a login. What am I missing
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    @grifter56 did you get an SR+ or the premium trim? I'm thinking SR+ has just regular FM?
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    How strange... before paying for a premium account I wanted to make sure I could actually use it in my M3 so I emailed Slacker directly and they responded today “ You cannot use Premium on the Tesla Dash app”.
    I asked them if this would change in the future and they said “We have let Tesla have all the tools and they can implement it when they choose too but do not currently want too.”

    I wanted to be able to play actual songs instead of just “stations”. Is that possible with a premium account? Will it work like iTunes, Tidal or Spotify where you can play an entire album and not just a station?
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    My Model 3 premium Slacker searchable music voice commands no longer work. Since V10. If you say(for example) "listen to rocketman by elton john", only the keypad entry comes up. Slacker does not play any other music, it only brings up searchable music keypad entry. the keypad entry works as well as it always did but is there any way to bring back the voice command search?, especially while driving!!
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    Worse than that, I asked "Play 'aint no mountain high enough' " and got "Mississippi Queen".
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    I read elsewhere that Model S owners could ask Tesla support for their Slacker credentials. I just asked yesterday (1/6/20) and was told; "You used to be able to do that. You can't any more."

    I guess I am buying Spotify premium - student plan is only $5/mo, and comes with Hulu & Showtime (wait - what?)
  • Just bought a Model 3 2 weeks ago and signed up for the paid premium connectivity service. However the slacker is not accepting my Tesla login. Please help.
  • edited July 2020 common misconception but the Slacker login is not the same as the Tesla login. The actual Slacker username is the last 8 digits of the VIN (maybe, needs citation) and some unknown password. To reset the Slacker login credentials now I think will require Tesla help. I would recommend just driving to a Service Center (if it's close) and asking for help from the showroom attendants / service representatives (what are they really called?) OR make a service appointment for that and whatever else bugs you about your new M3.
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    When I took delivery of my Model S in December 2018, it wasn't set up with Slacker credentials, so the service center gave them to me. In my case, there was a numeric 9-digit Slacker account ID, a user ID which was a different 9-digit number followed by, and a 12-character password that might be hexacdecimal. None of the numbers had any relation to my VIN.

    The Slacker account that was provided to me apparently expired after about a year.
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