Good paintless dent repair shop near Boulder or Fort Collins?

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My S was dinged by the crazy hail storm this afternoon on I-25. Any paintless dent repair shop recommendations? Better close to Boulder or Fort Collins. Thanks for any help!


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    My Model 3 was hit in the passenger side rear at my company parking lot when both cars were reversing but luckily the dent in the quarter panel is not that bad. 50-50% at fault so I have to pay for my car's dent. I shopped around in Fort Collins and found out Precision PDR (on Racquette Dr) was the only reliable place. But I did not fix the dent yet as they have to totally power down my car by disconnecting 12v before they can actually do the work for the risk of getting killed by High Voltage and they are not sure how to do it as it is a new model and they are still learning. If you are in boulder, try Colorado Coach Auto Body. Other places in the area do not have the experience dealing with Tesla cars (yet).
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