Model 3

Anyone has similar experience on delivery rescheduled?

My Model 3 delivery was scheduled on 8/8 10am at Fremont Delivery Center.

On 8/7 around 8:30PM, received an (auto) email that told me:

"Your vehicle is not yet ready for delivery.
We apologize for any inconvenience, your Inside Delivery Advisor will reschedule you once the car is ready."

It's very late notice since I've prepared everything (auto loan, insurance, set aside time to pickup)

Tried to reach out my IDA via Email and Phone several time this morning (8/8) and receive no response.
Tried to call Tesla Customer Service, and just informed My IDA will handle it.

Just log on to my Tesla Account, and surprisingly found out my VIN and Purchase Agreement have been removed, and only order agreement still there.

Still waiting for my IDA's response, but I think it's very bad experience. Since I have used the VIN for my auto loan and insurance. No one has contacted me so far on what happened.

Anyone has similar experience?


  • Just receive a call from IDA, he say the vehicle has not passed their 'strict inspection'.
    New car/VIN assigned and another week of waiting.

    Hope everything contribute to a superb new car condition.
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    On the bright side, it's good they didn't try to deliver the car if they found problems.
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    Agreed, I would give a Kudos to Tesla for that one. Hope that you have a good delivery experience in the end.
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    I got the exact same email from Fremont: "Good evening,

    Your vehicle is not yet ready for delivery.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, your Inside Delivery Advisor will reschedule you once the car is ready."

    No contact from IDA either, I called support twice begging for them to have some sort of contact. Left multiple emails with no response. The sad thing too is that they never even stated why it is not ready. I've never been so let down by a company before. It is beyond frustrating.
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    My appointment was for 9:45am today in Fremont and I had the same thing happen. But when I emailed my IDA this morning saying we were disappointed he called me and said he didn't see anything as to why the car wasn't ready and that he spoke to some one who said the car was just being detailed.

    We headed to Fremont only to find out that the email was right. I spoke with Alex, who was a manager of some sort, who stated that they're trying to inspect the cars more carefully and that they had to delay deliveries to make sure everything was perfect. He wouldn't tell me if anything was wrong my our car but made it sound like they're just being more careful. He could have been blowing smoke but who knows.

    Tonight I noticed my VIN is gone from my account but the purchase agreement is still there. Not sure if we'll get a new VIN or when we'll get the car.

    Frustrating for sure, but I know the car will be wonderful once we get it! I'm hoping Tesla is able to work the kinks out of their system and we all get our cars soon!
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    By the way, when we were at Fremont today there was NOBODY there picking up cars. We were there from about 30 minutes waiting around to talk with the manager dude.
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    Just had my delivery tomorrow AM cancelled. (Marina del Rey, RWD midnight silver, 47xxx VIN, order date 7/26)

    My sales agent has been great thus far and I had even confirmed my VIN was onsite earlier today. Unfortunately, the person calling tonight said there is a batch of cars with issues being held up from delivery. I wonder how widespread this is....
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    Just had my delivery "rescheduled" for the SECOND time this afternoon....

    First email from IDA was on 7/25 for pick up in SoCal Costa Mesa on 7/31. I had travel planned 7/31 to 8/3 in SF for work so I tried to move it to following week or weekend. They told me that if I didn't pick up the car within 7 days of it being at Costa Mesa (Car was apparently at delivery center on Friday 7/27 but first appointment available was 7/31) I would have to be "rematched" to new vehicle and that could be 4-6 weeks.

    After emailing back and forth with IDA I moved my work schedule and compromised on an appointment of 7/30 at 12:45 PM. I show up to my appointment on time on the day agreed only to wait about 1 hr before before being addressed by a "Manager" who told me that due to a faulty rear view camera the car would not be deliverable. They suggested I be rematched to a new vehicle as they had no ETA on parts for fix. Basically I would have to wait 4-6 weeks anyway to get my car.

    After an angry email to my IDA asking why they made we waste my time I had no recourse but wait apparently. (I asked about a refund of my deposit and order fee since the car was faulty and non deliverable, they dodged the question)

    After flying back in from SF to SoCal on Friday I was happy to find my IDA sent an email that I had been rematched to a new vehicle available for pickup today 8/8 at 6:00 PM. Obviously I was happy I didn't have to wait longer than 1 week since I was turned away so assuming they would ensure the car was ready I accepted.

    Fast forward to today I leave work early and get on the freeway to Delivery Center (Granted asking me to fight 5 PM traffic to pick up Tesla sucked but I thought it would be worth the drive.) After being 1 hour in the car drive due to traffic I check my phone to clear messages before walking into Delivery Center.... Lo and behold I had a missed call from Tesla that once again my car was "Undeliverable" due to quality issues.

    At this point I have no idea what is going on with Tesla and delivery of my car. Its a First Production White and I dont see why its so hard to get it into my hands. I have never actually asked to see any of my promised vehicles but given the advice of a skeptical friend I will be sure I ask to see my "undeliverable" car just to make sure Tesla isn't just messing with me and assigning VIN numbers to customers banking on people who dont respond to emails not showing up to their appointments....

    Also considering taking my money back since I think they should offer to refund me 100% after missing the delivery twice in a row. The least they could do is offer some super charging for like a month or a floor mat right? lol
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    -Appointment at Marina Del Rey 8/8/18 4:45PM.
    -They told me the car had some minor exterior defects so they will be assigning me a new one and my IDA will contact me to reschedule.
    -Overheard a conversation and same thing happen to another guy.
    -Went home in my old car :(
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    looking to pick up in Pittsburgh, been delayed once for sure, being told maybe a delay again from Friday to Saturday but also told they aren't really sure where my car is, but there's an appointment set for me on my tesla account for Friday, I am not having a great experience
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    My appointment was scheduled for 8/6 at Rocklin/Sacramento. After spending 30 minutes at my credit union getting the cashier's check I get a call from my IDA that the front end of the car was damaged during off loading. I was given a new VIN within 24 hours and have yet to schedule another pick up date. The communication with my IDA has been nothing but positive and I'm hoping for a smooth transaction the second time around. That being said, it can be a big inconvenience. I live almost 3 hours away from Rocklin and my wife and I took off work to pick up the car. Now we have to reschedule and take more time off work. I also feel bad for my loan officer because he has to do the process all over again since we are dealing with a new VIN. I know, first world problems.
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    I had a scheduled delivery date of aug 14. Got a call from Tesla telling me the car was here yesterday and if I would like to pick the car up early. Of course I said yes and was scheduled to pick up tomorrow the 9th. Well around 6pm today I received a call from Tesla telling me there was a scratch on the fender and was going to need to go to the paint shop and told me it could be up to 2 weeks till it all gets fixed. Why play with my emotions lol. After waiting over 2 years I finally get a delivery date then they tell me I can pick up sooner and the less than 24hrs before pick up they tell me I may have to wait another 2weeks. SIGH.
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    Just received a call from Costa Mesa delivery center. They are going to cancel my delivery for tomorrow 8/9. I logged into the app, the VIN number is gone....
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    From piecing together scattered information from different forums it appears there was a paint issue that affected multiple colors across the VIN: 58XXX range and maybe more. But then again who knows what the issue was since nobody at Tesla seems bothered to be transparent. Looks like they will just assign us all new vins with a best case scenario of 1-2 weeks and quote "growing pains" as their excuse. What a joke for a 60k price car.
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    Yes I am on my third rescheduling...I have heard another person was delayed 8 times...still waiting as of yesterday!

    17-01-14 Reserved
    18-06-27 P3D configured (no email but I refresh my acct several times a day lol)
    18-07-19 Trade-in info requested, after filling in, edit design is gone...(again on email)
    18-07-20 Tesla emailed me saying my Model3 has completed production, asked me to confirm everything!!!! Set up delivery on August 2nd
    18-07-26 Delivery adviser called said logistics delay, need to reschedule to August 7th
    18-08-01 sales adviser called said logistics delay again, need to reschedule to August 13th..also mentioned based on his experiences if it delayed once it will probably delay again!!!
    18-08-07 called me again...more logistics delay now eariler appt is the 17th!!!

    Black on Black P3D
    18" wheels
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    Was scheduled for 8/8 - I called local service center (Tysons, VA) 8/7 inside 24 hour delivery window. Claimed car wasn't there yet and rescheduled for 8/17. My VIN has also disappeared from my account (although I had it for a while before it appeared about a week ago).
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    Delivery hell. Next it'll be service hell.
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    Same thing happened to my wife’s 3. Initially scheduled Aug.4th but was called stating there was an issue with the car and we will be given a new VIN. We are scheduled again for pickup this Saturday Aug 11th. It’s such a hassle as all the paper work and back and forth with the credit union had to be redone because of the new VIN number. After reading all the similar posts I’m concerned that the delivery will be postponed again.

    My bigger concern however is that Tesla may have sacrificed quality for quantity. I have a Model S and have no issues at all, but I’m having second thoughts about the Model 3. If it gets postponed again due to a “problem with the car” we will most likely just cancel the reservation.
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    My delivery in Fremont was scheduled for 9:45am (20 min from now) and as we pulled off 880 I got a call from Tesla informing me that my car was not on site and that a new date would need to be scheduled. I sensed that man on the phone was quite apologetic and did was he could to assure me this wouldn’t happen again. We drove about an hour to get here and it’s rather frustrating this call could have come 60 minutes ago.
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    This entire delivery process screams the need for checklists for these ISAs. Once delivery hell is over, I'm wondering if they'd have a way to utilize the built in GPS devices to give people a real time location of their vehicle. Obviously this would be a future ask for many years from now, but how cool would it be to track your car from Fremont to your delivery center. You could even add status updates to it, "In for inspection", "requires paint remediation", "Damaged in transit". It'd certainly save them a lot of phone calls and it seems like something you could eventually automate at some later date.
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    Also have been rescheduled x1. 2nd delivery date at MDR this weekend but judging from now more than just anecdotal data, I'm not super optimistic.

    Also my IDA told me that due to increased deliveries in batches, the idea that we are assigned to a physical car/VIN that is being rolled off the assembly line is no longer true in most cases. Rather they assign people to batches of deliveries and you don't really have personal physical car until you get matched up at the local delivery center. This may be why people are having VINs switched around. It seems like sort of a chaotic system but who knows. It must be difficult for people who need VINs for financing and such. I was never disclosed a VIN even up till 2 days before my first rescheduled delivery, presumably because of the above and because I'm doing cash.
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    "This may be why people are having VINs switched around. It seems like sort of a chaotic system but who knows. It must be difficult for people who need VINs for financing and such."

    Yep, I believe almost every Credit Union is going to require a VIN. My credit union cuts me a check but I have to fill in the VIN when I sign it. So my check was sent to Tesla two weeks ago. My delivery is saturday. If my VIN changes, it is going to create all sorts of chaos.
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    Following up from my earlier comment (with typos via iPhone) my delivery was scheduled for 8/9 @9:45am. It was canceled via a phone call at 8/9 9:24am as we were exiting the freeway in Fremont. I received a followup email apologizing and stating the need for a reschedule. The gentleman on the phone stated "usually 3 days for a reschedule" and that they schedule for weekend deliveries so fingers crossed. Also, on the website there was a VIN number listed which has now disappeared and I'm guessing may now change. Time to call my insurance company as I set it up this morning with the VIN #.
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    I was rescheduled 8 times due to logistics. Car was never located, and now I am starting over with a new VIN. Not sure how long it will take this time around.
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    Update #3: I received a call from my IDA at 5:30pm (8/9). While she didn't have any new details she wanted me to know that she was working on my behalf to find out what was happening from "eyes on the ground at the DC" but hasn't heard back. She was very nice and apologized saying she found out at the same time I did that the car wasn't available. She also mentioned she would touch with me by the end of the day tomorrow even if there wasn't a new date scheduled. Despite not taking delivery I'm glad she called and touched base.
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