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Feature Request Limit maxium Charging Power through App / in summer

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Hi together,

I live in Germany and there we have a limit that it is only allowed to feed grid to a maximum of 70% of the max PV Output. This means that when the Powerwall is full I can not use the full output anymore of my PV-System. This happens daily around 11:30 AM on sunny days.

A Solution would be to limit the maximum charging power of the Powerwall so it needs longer to charge. At the Moment this is not a functionality of the App. So it would be great to add such a functionality (maybe together with charging state, e.g.: maximum charging power 2kw/h starting when Battery reaches 60% of Power)

The only thing I found to this topic is the following Forum Post from Australia:

It seems like there is a possibility to limit the max charging power. Do you know where I can set this up for the Summer months?

Greetings Timo


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    There is an optional charge/discharge limit on UK configured Powerwalls (may apply on other geos). It can be set to 5kW/5kW or to 3.6kW/3.6kW (the limit once set applies to the inverter in both directions. Of course this is a one time setting so would not help you with your problem but indicates that is it technically feasible.

    I would suggest you email [email protected] suggesting it be submitted as a feature request.

    I cannot think this would be treated as a priority as export limitation in this situation would normally be considered a PV inverter issue.
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