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Paint Protection - Got my car Autoflex'ed with the concept silver during the reveal

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Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed.

Here's a video of my car getting autoflexed by PRODIPPER in NYC in a Satin/Matte carbon-sterling silver.

Before and after pictures below,

If y'all have any questions about someone let me know !


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    I was aiming for the concept silver during the reveal * It was way more shiny with a satin matte finish and was kind of disappointed when they didn't offer it.
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    Nice color, really like the matte finish

    Looks expensive how much did it cost you ?
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    Surprisingly 2700 USD because I had very close friends who did it at Prodipper NYC and got a sweet referral deal. If you are around NYC i can refer you.

    Usually it would cost around 3k+ if it's done by a professional and reputable person. Please note I used a special auto-flex color with pearls (sparkle flakes). They do a clear bra protection using a crystal clear spray as well.

    Either way its cheaper than the 5k + xpel film wraps cost.
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    That's really cool, I plan to get paint protection on my model X but never heard of autoflex.

    What's the difference between autoflex and a film wrap (Like 3m, Xpel, Suntek ?)
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    Well there are alot of comparisons so I should list them below, I've only ever done EXPEL ultimate so I don't know about the others

    They aren't that different in the end, they both self heal, they are both peelable, but in my opinion, I would go for autoflex for the color and finish. (Wraps tend to not wrap all they way and it collects dust. Just like wraps, it really depends on the skill of the installer. With autoflex you need a PROFESSIONAL with the industry spray guns and a spray booth with heat e.g. In the wrong hands it can be a disaster.

    I took a long time finding a right autoflex applicator and went with the best (This dude works on lambos and royce's and with more than 7+ years of experience) so my comparison does not represent the rest of the autoflex population. He literally put 14 layers on my car and offers a warrenty. While asking other applicators they didn't really go into that much detail about the entire process.

    I loved expel while I had it but after it started so show a little of yellowing after 2 years. When I asked my original installer to honor their warranty and they said they had to charge me a installation fee with a couple hundred dollars. I ended up taking the wrap off to sell the car for a Tesla anyways.

    Here are some quick general comparisons

    +Generally Cost less for some reason
    +3/4th the thickness of Xpel Ultimate
    +You can literally choose any color and make it look a lot nicer even looks like OEM Paint
    +Hard to the touch
    - heard the durability may last 3-4 years instead of Xpel's 5 year+

    Xpel Ultimate:
    +Costs Alot for some reason
    + A little soft to the touch
    - Has a chance of yellowing after it gets scratched up/deteriorates a lot

    Honestly with the price of Autoflex in NYC , I can just spray my car twice or get a ceramic coating ontop of the autoflex with the price of Xpel.
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    Oh I forgot to mention that AUTOFLEX is just like OEM paint,

    It's sand-able, buff-able, wax-able, coat-able etc ... it literally acts like a second layer protection film for your car.
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    I also fell in love with the original glowing silver matte finish on the display car. But the regular silver seems average, so we chose red instead. Since we canceled that car, we can still order silver and get the autoflex. Thanks!
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    Yep, I get SO many head turns from the tesla superchargers and they were asking me where the heck did I get that color.

    It's AMAZING up close. It looks super shiny and futuristic with NO reflections at the same time. The autoflex pearls give it mini diamond like sparkles and looks a hell lot more expensive than the OEM paint.

    Where are you from btw ?
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    I'm afraid auto-flex is not as popular because they do not do marketing campaigns and the technology is relatively new ( Less than 5-6 years).

    Be-careful of your applicator because you need a person that has painting experience otherwise than can easily screw up the job.

    Always ask for samples and past cars they have done. A true reputable auto-flex applicator will never have it because they will only have positive things to show for.
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    This is beautiful!! I, too, fell in love with the silver during the unveiling... I was hoping to recreate it with a wrap. I might like this option better.
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    @Daniel S,

    Thank you so much for the information. I'm from west NJ and will be looking into autoflex as a viable option.

    Looks amazing from the pictures and the video they did.
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    That looks great Daniel! Thanks for sharing. It's always good to check out new options.
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    If you need to choose a autoflex installer in NYC go for PRODIPPER NYC.

    I've done the research with all the auto flex installers in NY and ended up choosing them.

    Call them and make sure you talk to Phillips and say that you are Daniel's friend and that he sent you, he will take good care of you.
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    Thanks for posting! I’m in Texas though. :(
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    NJ only has 1 place called illmatic wraps but it doesn't seem like they do auto flex much.
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    The other side of the country, San Diego. Too bad I no longer live in NY!
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    Well take your time and look up all the auto flex applicators near you and see which one is best for you. The hardest part is picking the color if you choose to do it haha.
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    Which color did you choose to get the effect of that silver ? I'm looking at the DYC website and they have a whole butt-load of colors
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    Good question,

    Before you are fixated on my silver, here are another two colors done by PRODIPPER NYC

    But if you are curious about that ALPHA silver, it was a mix of carbon and sterling silver

    (video is below he mentions it although I don't know the exact ratio of carbon Vs sterling but he definitely did some trial and errors with some samples before deciding that this was like the one I wanted)

    Prodipper is like 30 mins extra father than illmatic wraps but if you mention my car and name i'm sure he will help you out. Talk to phillip, he's the owner and the one that did the install for me.
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    That purple shifting blue though looks amazing. Definitely not my color but nevertheless, beautiful.

    Getting my car soon and will definitely check them out. Looks real neat.

    Probably going to do something similar like Silver or Midnight Silver.
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    Any color is possible with Phillips at least, he literally did a rainbow looking color that looks different from each angle.

    And yes he will do inside the doors but the pricing may be different due to the taping.

    I wanted to do it but he recommended me not to do it because there will barely be a difference between the silvers and will cost a tad bit more due to the fact the quality control for taping the interior and the door panel will take more man hours.

    He worked on a lamborghini aventador that had the insides taped to the max
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    Is that the mclaren volcano red or orange by the way ? Looks very similar
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    I just noticed your Aero Wheels are colored, did you autoflex them too ?
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    yes, I like that color a lot.
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