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A year for installation ?

We have been waiting for our system to be installed and activated for over a year . Yes , read that A YEAR.

We signed the contract back in April 2017 and finally after many delays we are still waiting for activation .

Has anybody else experienced this ? How did you move this along ?


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    One thing that I can say is that I did not wait for the PowerWall, and we just went ahead with the solar panel install first. That seemed to work, but now I get science from Tesla when I try to ask where we are with the PowerWall back order? I hear December 2018 maybe? Our PGE bill was $27 last month, so far so good. Also we just hooked up and turned it on, baby! We did not wait around for PGE to give us an approval, and guess what. PGE gave us an approval in two days.
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    I am a custom home builder and have a client that wants this type of roof. Any comments please e-mail me good and bad. [email protected]
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    We did our solar install in 2012 and finally got our PW2 installation in June 2018, and everything is working extremely well together. You don’t have to do both at the same time.
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