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Desperate need for electric motorbikes and bicycles.

Need electric superbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, bicycles, dirt bikes, trail bikes, and everything else 2, 3, 4 open wheeled (1 seater because you are paying for an extra seat even when no one rides adding unnecessary weight!). The real reason is not really because of efficiency and no gas but due to the fact most of us don't ride at night so we don't disturb our neighbors and the shifting destabilizes the bike. Having a good consistent safe matured electronics controlling the rear wheel spin for TC and anti-wheelie it's a lot safer than engine powered motorcycles with gears. If you want more bikers to live then it would be suggested to not avoid working this area of the transportation market. Some people panic and cannot comprehend a lot of things when a collision situation is about to rise. A great example would be, when you grab the front brake of a Tesla bike, the rear is controlled dynamically through motor braking. This way losing the rear and crashing wouldn't exist. The ability to control how much "influence" with dynamic motor braking would also be something to consider. Stocks would go up so much as well.


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