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audio upgrade?

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Seeking to upgrade Model X audio. Seeking knowledge of digital-analog converter (DAC) in the Model X (premium package) as a first step to improving music quality. Any information on the manufacturer, location in the car, resolution, sampling frequency, etc. would be appreciated.


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    The DAC is in the center MCU along with 5 amps, and is not something that can be easily connected to. The MCU is designed and built by Tesla, it's not some third-party OEM. An additional 7 amps as part of the UHFS are outboard, and is designed and built by Tesla too. The FM/XM tuners are is made by Panasonic and is an external module under the dash.

    Some additional details here: and here:
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    @doctoxics, did you ever get an answer on the DAC in the Tesla? I just ordered a used 2016 P100D w/ the HiFi Audi upgrade, but would like to get more info on the DAC. I use Amazon HD on most of my devices and all my DACs are capable of 24 bit, 96 kHz minimum. Hoping the Tesla is at least comparable since it does not have an aux input.
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