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Powerwall 2 app "Customize" screen: where is the Time Based Control feature?

According to the Tesla Powerwall website, the app is supposed to have additional "Customize" choices, titled "Time-Based Control", allowing us to set specific charge/discharge times, based on the different electric rates (time-of-use) that we have in our area. These rates vary widely, and this missing feature keeps us from being able to take advantage of arbitraging these rates/costs. How can the website provide these instructions on how to utilize this feature, when it isn't on the app. The mobile app I have is v3.4.3, which seems to be the most recent version. Why is this missing?


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    This feature was not rolled out universally and still seems to need to be turned on for individual installations. Try calling Powerwall support to see if they'll turn it on for you.
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