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In the dark first night with solar/Powerwall

I got the notification from Tesla to activate my system yesterday so late in the afternoon I turned on the breakers to the gateway and the inverter as per instructions. System showed it was producing altho only about 1.3 kW bc was late in the day. Around 9:30 pm all the power went off in the house (but the neighbors all had power). On the main electrical panel, all the breakers were now off (everything was on before). Unable to reach Tesla - their Customer Care line said they were closed. Southern Cal Edison said they showed us having good power to our meter. Tried resetting all the breakers but left the Gateway breakers off because my sister thought she smelled smoke. Spent the night without power until the electrician who did the install responded to me early this morning (I happened to have his number & had texted him last night) & said to turn the Gateway breakers on, which restored power. Very frustrating to be without power on our first night with our solar & Powerwall and not be able to reach anyone to tell me what to do. Hoping they will send someone out today to figure out why all the breakers got tripped last night - seems like that shouldn't happen, right?


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    Your experience was unfortunate. We had our PW2's (2) installed in June, and the installer turned everything on for us to make sure everything was working properly before departing. It was odd that your installer did not do that as well. We had our solar (13.2 kWh) installation in 2012 and the PW2's are a perfect complement to our solar. Hopefully, you will have smooth sailing now.
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    I checked all the fuses and the cabin and those under the hood. Yesterday a new glitch appeared, turn the ignition switch to On, and the temperature arrow goes up to the highest position! Already pulled Rgb tape put back all the lights as it was before, the temperature arrow began to work normally, and everything else without changes, does not work. I disassembled all the tidy on cogs, looked through all the mikruhi, by eye and on the smell :) there is nothing fake. I called up the resistance and the diodes (not LEDs) like normal. I rang the oiling board on which the cartridges are installed, sort of like something closes. But because I am a specialist, I can not figure it out. (car Nissan P11, before Restayl).
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    It might be more common ?

    I had to cycle power to reboot the tesla HW because I was not getting power from the grid.
    Hear a chime from the Tesla hub, and my power was back on.

    I hope a technician can come and debug the system.
    Because its one thing for the system not to work, but that it also prevent grid power is insane.
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