Puddle car wash in Boulder won't wash Teslas : (

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I recently went to get my car washed at Puddle Car Wash in Boulder, the only decent touchless car wash in the area, and was told that they are currently not washing Teslas anymore. They said that Tesla's have gone into park while on the line and they are concerned about damage to the car, the line, and other vehicles. They always have an experienced employee sit in the car when it goes through the line, but nonetheless they claim it is happening too often. I explained that the seatbelt must be fastened as to prevent that from happening in the event that a person unweights the driver's seat while in Neutral. They claimed it is still happening with the seatbelt fastened, but my informal testing revealed that the car will not go into Park when the seatbelt is fastened and the car is in Neutral when the seat is unweighted. Frankly, I think they just don't want the hassle/liability of having one of their employees damage a car because they are too lazy to fasten the seat belt.

With winter around the corner I hope the car wash gets this sorted out. I've traded a few voicemails with the owner but so far we haven't connected. Looking for suggestions as to get this resolved.

Perhaps Tesla should develop a "Car Wash Mode" to allow the car to free roll in Neutral like all ICE vehicles.

I know, I know, first world problem, but I want my local car wash back!



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    It’s really unfortunate that the Puddle has had problems with Tesla’s. They’ve washed all of my cars for years doing a great fast job. They washed my first Tesla for three years and my second for the first few months until they stopped taking the cars. It’s too bad
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    I was there yesterday and found out the bad news. I've been bringing my Tesla there for 4 years without a problem and I didn't buy their explanation either.

    I may try calling the owner as well.
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    Perhaps we can try and rally other local Tesla owners with some sort of organized response. I wonder if the Daily Camera would run a story on this if enough owners were angry about it. Surely over time there will be more and more disappointed Tesla owners in the Boulder area who want to use Puddle Car Wash.
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    Trust me, Puddle Car Wash is doing you a favor by not washing your Tesla!! I cringe when I drive by there and see their car washing practices that will introduce swirl marks and scratches to our beautiful Teslas.
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    According to their website: Now Washing Teslas!
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