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Tesla powerwall can brick after power outage

A Tesla tech visited me recently to take a look at why the grid was being used even though solar was producing more than 5 times what my home was using, and there was no spike is usage.

During their investigation (he was in conversation with the support team all day), the tech noticed that I set my "Reserve for Power Outages" at 5% and warned me that I could "brick" (it would die, stop working) the Powerwall if it's set this low. This is because the battery could potentially drain to 0%, which could cause it to brick.

Well, I have some issues here:
1) Our area doesn't get outages very often and when it does, we lose power for only a few minutes. 5% is more than enough for those few minutes.
2) What if there was a power outage and the battery drains to 0%? The powerwall gets bricked? This makes no sense. Especially since the powerwall was created to provide backup power during outages.

He said that he was passing along what the support team said and recommended I set my reserve to 30% to prevent bricking the powerwall. After I communicated why setting it at 30% did not make sense, he called the support team back and said 10% is okay.

The issue remains. Whether set at 30% or 10% or 100%, when there is an outage and the powerwall gets drained (doing its job) it could potentially brick, according to the support team.


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    According to this thread, while it is true that the Powerwalls could get in trouble if completely depleted, they maintain a small reserve even at 0% to restart when another power supply is available. Toggling the power switch will make the Powerwalls attempt to restart and start charging from solar and/or the grid.

    I don't know if anyone has tested the functionality, but on the face of it the advice you got makes little sense since no matter what you set your reserve to, there is a length of outage that could deplete it. I don't see how they could say a reserve of 10% would be okay for you without knowing a lot about your usage and the grid in your area.
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    Dav, they have a reserve so it won't "brick" its self. You can set it to zero and it would still be good. Until the sun comes up and starts charging it again
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    Unless it says somewhere in the warranty that it's not covered if you set your reserve below X percent, I don't see how it's not replaceable if it gets bricked. From what I've seen is there is 3% more battery than what you have set in the app. So if you have it set to 5%, it's really at 8%. I have mine set to 20%.
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    I operate in self-powered mode with backup set at 25 percent to cover any of our few brownouts/blackouts. Our PW2's have been operating flawlessly over last 3+ months, and couldn't be happier. I am not concerned about battery bricking based on my discussions with Tesla-Energy and our installer.
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