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Free Quote for Solar?

How long does it take to get a free quote for Solar from Tesla? My friend has been waiting for two weeks after filling out an online form and he hasn't heard from them at all...


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    I have been on the fence for getting solar. I actually had your company come out to give me an estimate. The other day I was thinking of a way to drum up more business. It would be with the help of your current clients. If you market other progress I think it would help others see the value. My idea is if you have someone in a similar area as me are you able to show live up to date data. So I live in Glenview, IL, even if you were able to show me someone in the Chicago land area and the amount of solar they have produced today and over the lifetime of the system. This real-world look in I think would have a positive impact on your business; and likelihood that people would think they could do the same. Then you would be able to show how much that person could be made based on the size of the system.
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    Suggest calling the closest Tesla auto showroom and ask to speak with an energy rep. That approach has worked for me in the past.
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