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Anyone has Loud squeaks coming from driver rear wheel?

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We’ve had the car for about 3 months already and it’s been a blast. But today of all the sudden in the afternoon on my drive back home, the driver rear wheel started squealing/squeaking really loud. Whether it was accelerating or slowing down it would squeak, at higher speed it was a higher pitch and at lower speed it sounded like it was grating something. It was pretty horrible considering that we shut the Ac and the radio down and it sound like something was scraping the back wheel but we couldn’t see anything from the outside, so I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Regenerating end of it. Finally got on the freeway and was still hearing it and then suddenly it was gone as mysteriously as it appeared. Made an appt for the SC next Tuesday already so hopefully they can figure out what made it squeal.


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    Yes I had this on the same wheel. Issue was a loose brake clip touching the brake pad. SC fixed it quickly, as they had a part for this in stock luckily.
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    Awesome thanks for the info. I had to drive it 45 mins to home and was panicking about how much damage it sounded like it was doing.
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    I had a similar issue from a loose bolt above the left rear wheel that had worked itself out from the assembly. The noise was not there on delivery but after several days I started noticing a noise with acceleration and deceleration. They checked all the bolts and threads on the missing one and re-torqued the loose bolt to specs and used locktite. Moral is obviously just take it in to get it taken care of.
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    So waiting for my next Tuesday appt. Drove it a bit today, no sounds came out but now it has a tire pressure warning even though all the tires have the same psi showing...I’m scratching my head on this one. Don’t know if it’s related or is it because the software was updated to 36.2 or what.
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    I had this same issue today. Upon inspection I noticed that on inside of the rear brake rotors there is an aluminum guard / cover around them. The guard has a lip which effectively covers the inside of the rotor. However, there is a small gap between the lip and the rotor so that the two don’t contact each other. In my case, I wiggled the bottom of the guard and noticed something drop to the bottom part of the lip. It was a small rock that got between the guard and the rotor. I was able to get it out easily with a pair of long needle nose pliers. This cured the issue.
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    I have had that situation on 3 occasions. I was able to cure it by going in forward and applying the brake hard. You might have to do it as many as three times. if that does not work do the same in reverse. It is almost always a small piece of rock that gets wedged between the guard and the rotor or between the caliper and the rotor. a
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