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How to unlock passenger doors?

I am a new model 3 owner. Today is my 3rd day of happy ownership. Usually when I drop off my daughter, she sits in the front and put her backpack on the back seat. I can't find a way to unlock the back passenger door so she can open the door and get her backpack. The temporary solution is when she is in the car, turn around and unlock the back door before getting out. My question is "Is there is a way to unlock the passenger doors while I am in the driver seat?" Thanks ahead!


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    Do you mean open or unlock? If she gets out and uses the rear door handle doesn’t it open?
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    There is an unlock button on the screen top row next to Wifi and Tesla icon (looks like a lock icon). Press that and doors should unlock.
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    Also, there is a setting that will lock the doors when you put it in park. If you are doing this, either take it out of park or go to settings and disable lock in park.

    I have my lock in park disabled and have walk away lock enabled.
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    If you put the car in park, the doors will unlock.

    Alternately, you can touch the lock icon on the screen and it will lock/unlock all doors.
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    @jdcollins5 I mean unlock. I tried to put the car in 'P' but the back doors are still locked and she can't open them from outside.
    Thanks @Bullet. I will try that.
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    Hit the park button on the stalk a second time. I think that works.
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    I will also try that and report back! Thanks @patrick40363
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    Try reading the Owner's manual too.

    Interior Locking and Unlocking
    While sitting inside Model 3, you can lock and
    unlock all doors and trunks by touching the
    lock icon on the touchscreen (you do not need
    an authenticated phone or key card).
    The icon changes to indicate
    whether doors are locked or
    You can also unlock the doors by pressing the
    Park button on the end of the gear selector a
    second time. Pressing this button once
    engages the Park gear and pressing it again
    unlocks the doors.
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    do you have child lock enabled? There is setting where you can lock the windows and doors, try checking those.
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    @nikhilm_2000, OP's daughter is trying to access the car from the outside. The child lock prevents a child from opening the door while inside.
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