Model 3

Tesla gave my Vin# to someone else



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    How did you pay 20% to Tesla?
  • vb1vb1
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    Just happened to me again. I've been very nice in my conversations. Maybe they prioritize people who shout at them??
  • @swilliams102. You rate a loaner. If you have paid and don't have a car it's similar to it being in the shop. Ask for one.
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    I'm in the same situation, they started the process of unlocking my account to the next stage and my IDS made contact. I got my loan approved and submitted the info on the account page to only have Tesla sell my car to someone else with no new timeline on when I would get another VIN assignment. In the mean time my loan will only be valid for so long before it expires. Very disappointing and shaky way to start a customer relationship.
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    Wait... Did this 'someone else' get my pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon too? Those bastards!
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