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Superchargers between OK city and Little Rock?

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Please, please Tesla- Work out an agreement with someone along I-40 between Oklahoma City and Little Rock AR (Fort Smith would be an ideal location) so that you can put one or two Superchargers on that route. Since the Little Rock SC isn't really on I-40 anyway, it would be nice to have a SC between Little Rock and Memphis too. Then one could truly travel from one end of I-40 to the other in a Tesla without using a drop of gasoline!

Is Arkansas anti-Tesla or are there not many Teslas sold there (maybe same difference)? There's only ONE SC in the entire state!


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    Your question is really an interesting one. How does Tesla secure the locations for the Superchargers? That stretch of I-40 sure seems like it should have at least one.
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    "Then one could truly travel from one end of I-40 to the other in a Tesla without using a drop of gasoline!"

    I understand your argument, but as a literalist I have to point out that a Tesla must travel any route "without using a drop of gasoline."
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    @dlake - the supercharger map on Tesla's site actually shows plans for 3 locations; Henryetta, OK, Fort Smith, AR, and Clarksville, AR.

    Now I'll be the first to say that just because Tesla shows them on their map, with with the 'target opening in 2018' legend that they show for all three is not guarantee by any means that they will actually happen anything soon. I've similarly been waiting for both the Bloomington, IN and Elderfeld, IN locations to show some signs of progress so that the new I-69 corridor is viable. Those were both shown and by the end of 2017 as so far no signs of any permits being pulled, let along construction.

    As @ladonnalr stated, it would be interesting at times to know some of the details behind the discussions of trying to find someone willing to host a location.
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    Since there is only ONE supercharger in the entire state of Arkansas, what can we do to encourage the people of Arkansas?
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    @dlake, Quote: "Since there is only ONE supercharger in the entire state of Arkansas, what can we do to encourage the people of Arkansas?"

    Uh...give them money? I'm not sure you get how low the average income is in that area. It's going to be hard for many people to buy any brand new car that's $40K+. Teslas of any kind would be considered rich and unattainable for a large portion of the population that live there. So it's probably just going to be slow uptake there.
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    As a resident of Arkansas (living in Colorado due to being active duty military), I think you paint too broadly when you say the average income is too low to afford a Tesla. While it's true that a great deal of the population in Arkansas cannot afford the Model S or X, or the Performance 3, I would argue that is the case for most of the US. But, take a drive around Arkansas and notice how many $50k trucks are driven. It's unreal. So the money is there. It's just hard to throw a deer in the back of a model X. LOL!

    Also, certain part of Arkansas have TONS of money. NW Arkansas is home to industry giants like Wal-Mart, Tyson Chicken and JB Hunt. White collar jobs are significant in NW Arkansas and Central Arkansas.

    We just need to help Arkansans understand what EVs, in particular Teslas, can do.
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    @madd181920, I'm in a pretty similar area. Most of Idaho has pretty low average incomes, and a lot of people I know don't buy new cars. Almost everyone I have showed my car to wants one, but can't afford it. But there are some pretty high paying jobs at a few big companies in the city of Boise. But yes, mountain recreation and hunting and such are big here, so it's mostly trucks.
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    Hopefully Henrietta, OK will be the initial I-40 location as it is about halfway.
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    I’ve been to the Little Rock SC, no huhu.
  • My son is will be attending u of Arkansas. We went to orientation and I discovered that I couldn’t get there in my LR P M3! It’s an EV dead zone! We were even considering buying one for him but that’s not possible since he can’t even get it to school. Odd that there’s such a gap on I-40. Sure seems like Tesla would want to make closing that a priority. The following weekend I drove from Memphis to Chicago and back. There are so many Superchargers that I had my pick!
  • One can get from OKC to LR but requires about a 2 hour detour through Texarkana, TX and Ardmore,OK. Let's hope that Fort Smith gets onboard soon.
    For a while there, it wasn't clear which of the Lower 48 would be last to get a Supercharger but the opening of the LR one in May, 2017 left the honor to North Dakota. However, that gap to OKC still exists.
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    Don't forget us. We will either the be the last place on Earth to get a supercharger or we will be the first to get Supercharger Version 6.0
  • Aloha Akikiki,
    You'll notice, that I specifically said "Lower 48". Nobody is forgetting Hawaii but the Little Rock to OKC problem will ever happen in Hawaii, not even on the Big Island. Home charging stations and destination chargers can support all Teslas in the Islands.
    It is a bit ironic, however, since Oahu was the first place with DC Fast chargers for their fleet back in the 1990's.
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    Now that ChaDeMo is available for the Model 3, that may be the key until there's another supercharger in Arkansas. Walmart is rolling out Electrify America stations. All will have 1 ChaDeMo (50kW). Soooo, 1/3 the speed of an SC, but there's one in Clarksville, allowing you to make it to Tulsa and then to OKC (from LR). The $450 hurts, but...
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    C'mon Tesla and Fort Smith, AR. Why isn't there a supercharger in Fort Smith yet? It would complete the I-40 cross country trek. I think I've been asking this question for a few years. Anyone know the answer? Does the city of Fort Smith hate Tesla for some reason?
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    Perhaps it is the Arkansans.
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