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Front seat causes "unable to drive" pain due metal bar on the bottom cushion

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The purchase of a Tesla turns out for me to be the worse mistake I've ever done.

The front seat is causing me so much that driving became a torcher.
The issue with the seat is the metal bar in the middle of bottom cushion pushing really hard. (imagine you're seating on the metal bar and driving)

Apparently, that is a common problem for people that weights more than 210lb and taller the 6 feet.

I took it to a Tesla service.
They replaced the seat.
1 week later the same problem.
Now they are making a big deal to replace it again, and they emphasize that is will be last time they replace the seat since it's very expensive (and it took 2 months of talking them into it)

I took it to an upholstery professional shop, and after reviewing the seat the pro was amazed how little of spring on the bottom they put, the number of springs and the amount of foam padding is not enough to support my weight, that is why my bottom falls down and I start to feel the support metal bar.

At this point, Tesla is not giving me a single option.

Please, any ideas? I cannot believe that I came from a car of my dream to a torcher and pain caused by Tesla for 32 more months?

This is a cry for help. Please help!


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    Seat cushion or lose some weight. I'm 6-1 and 192 and have no issues! Well I have lots of issues just not with the seat. I find they're the most comfortable I've ever had in a vehicle and I don't get the sciatic (spelling?) pain that I'd experience in my Volvo on long trips.
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    you are below 210lb line, so it should be comfortable for you.

    I did try 5 different seat cushions but they don't help because it just makes the bar higher and in addition, it raises my seating position higher and I'm hitting the headrest with my back.
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    I wish the headrest would go higher than it does. In the mornings its bothersome but as I shrink throughout the day its fine. I guess the only thing you can do is go to an auto upholstery shop and have then add padding to the seat. It'll be expensive but its probably your only option to fix the issue for you.
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    I weigh in at 211 (down from 235 last year) and am 6'1". I have never had any problems with the comfort of the seats in my model X. We have owned if for 1.5 years now. We have taken 4 long (multi-day) trips with no discomfort at all. Not sure what you are having problems with, but the seats are fine.

    What metal bar are you talking about? And, how can adding a seat cushion move the bar higher?

    BTW, the X is my car and is used daily.
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    I said that to Tesla and they threaten to VOID the warranty if I'll fix it myself. That is the whole nonsense of what Tesla is doing.

    - they WILL NOT fix my seat, because this is how it's designed, deal with it!
    - they do not allow any custom upholstery work to fix the issue with my seat. they will void the warranty
    - they are willing to take my car for with around $20K check (+$7.5K downpayment that I already paid)
    - and the worse one! They insulated this issue into being only MY issue with their seat and refuse to hear that other people (even model S owners) have the same issue

    Google it please: "Driver seat: metal bar in the middle is pushing after just 1 month" and you will see all bunch of people complaining about the same issue, and Tesla is ignoring it.

    All they can think of is MONEY!!!
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    Since there is no way to add images here, here is uploaded on 3rd party site
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    Are you kidding me? THAT’S what your on about?

    Tilt the seat forward the way you’re supposed to and the problem vanishes.

    My X is my daily driver, I have a damaged lower back + tailbone and my X is the most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever owned. I’ve done a 15 hour road trip and not been in pain during or after.
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    wow I thought I was the only one that has this issue. That bar suuuuuucks!
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    Only time I noticed the bar is when I kneel on the seat to reach for something in the back. Otherwise very comfortable.

    If this is such an issue for you, why can't you find & use something like this??

    It took me a grand total of 60 seconds to find this. Yes I think you should probably get rid of your "worst purchase of all-time"
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    @jjgunn - read before you post. I already gave an answer about a cushion, but for the 2nd time - an additional cushion is not an option. Read the third post, please.

    But you got one thing right, Whatever you felt when putting your knee on the seat (that horrible pain when your bone is touching the bar), that is precisely what I fell when I seat down. That is how I actually tell people below 200lb to experience my pain on this damn seat

    I can take so many Tesla flaws (because I used to be a Tesla fan), but not when it actually causes me a physical pain.

    p.s. and the worse part here, that I actually have to prove that I'm in actual pain here. Worst mistake
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    I'm 215 and 6'1. No problems at all and I had the can since June 2015 and 70k plus miles on it. And not slowing down
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    Or I can say the politically correct phrase "lose some weight". Haha just kidding.. But I'm serious
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    Oops I have a model s
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    My wife's X tho I have no problems with either
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    Bell - can you please confirm that your car is an X and when you bought it? I ask because seat designs have changed over the years. My 2014S had a very different seat than my 2017 X. I happen to have congenital left hip displasia that makes my sit bones very fussy. And yes, i would say the Tesla seat isnt quite as good as some other cars i have owned - as far as MY butt is concerned. I dont consider it a defect tho. The seat has other features that are nice. And the rest of the car is great! No car is 100% perfect for all people. I dont consider the Tesla seat a defect. When my butt acts up i use a large towel folded in particular ways to keep my butt happy.
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    I do read before I post.

    The gel seat cushion should work unless you're 8 feet tall.

    As far as the headrest you can raise & lower it. I didn't say to put 3 phone books under your ass.

    It seems you want to complain but are averse to any potential solution for YOUR (singular) issue. It seems you want Tesla to re-design their vehicle for you only. Good luck with that.
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    I'm not sure what good changing the seats will be, since the seat will be the same (especially the third time around) and I think it's rather tolerant of Tesla to do so given that the seat is nominal according to its specs and a new one won't do you any good.

    It's physically impossible for a seat cushion to raise the bar since it would be above it. Tilt the seat, per the suggestion, and get the gel cushion, per the suggestion.
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    bell - have you contacted a local auto upholsterer? They should be able to add something to maximize your comfort. For instance, they might install the T sportline seat covers and add a little padding in just the right places....
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    Bell - ok, i didnt thoroughly read all the comments above and i see you have talked to an upholsterer. and from the photo the seat looks like a recent model X, but we still want to know how old it is. Also, the photo seems to imply it is a bar that goes from left to rigth, about 6 inches behind front of seat. Is that correct? In my prior replies i had envisioned a bar going from front to back.

    HOWEVER, when i see what you have posted at TMC about this you say the car is LEASED. This is different from "purchase" - the word you used to start this thread. IF the car is leased then making a change to the installed seat means you have to pay to replace that seat when you turn the car in. Has nothing to do with "warranty" and everything to do with the terms of the lease.

    So, i humbly suggest you go back to the upholsterer and ask them to add some kind of seat cover that can be removed before turning the car in at end of lease AND that doesnt cause any damage to the standard seat. IF so, they can add some padding to the cover for you.
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    Please refrain from broad pronouncements about what people will feel who are large sized. I am over 300 lb and 6’1”. I find the seat extremely comfortable. It’s not perfect, but i’ve Made multi-day trips in my 2018 X and have never had the problem you describe.

    Are you aware you can lower the front of the seat, tilting the entire seat pan?
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    My seat is all the way on the floor, I tried all possible positions and no luck.

    I just don't get one thing, how come it affects me so much and don't affect most of the people? That is just absurd
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    Wow, just realized, that yet again, you made me think like this is only me problem. Just like Tesla service does.

    google: "Driver seat: metal bar in the middle is pushing after just 1 month" and you will see the poll.
    That is a link for a very high traffic Tesla forum, it simply shows a more broad Tesla owners opinion.

    There is a problem. Period. and the pretty bad problem that affects only around 20% of Tesla owners and everybody treads those people like something wrong with us. Why don't Tesla check the problem with us and try to resolve it? Why are they leaving us?
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    Seat is comfortable for me. I weigh more than you do and I’m 6’2”.
    Seems like a unique problem. Maybe it’s your tush? Be well...
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    I didn’t say lower the seat, you need to tilt the lower section forward slightly, then readjust the seat back for comfort. The seat controls are a little tricky to get the hang of, but fortunately once you set and save it, you don’t have to fiddle around again.

    At 6’2, 250 lbs with a damaged back and tailbone I should be susceptible to this more than most, and I’m not.
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    I just Googled "Tesla X driver seat metal bar"

    From Tldickerson....
    Tldickerson | April 16, 2018
    I often feel the same butt pain. On my 1st 2014 P95 I bought sheep skin seat covers and placed a 1 inch foam pad under the seat cover. That helped a whole lot.

    My last post in this thread.
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