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Miami Ceramic Coating

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Expecting to have my 3 in a few weeks. Was looking into Ceramic Coating and received a quote of $495. This seemed reasonable. But, when I followed up and asked them about the life expectancy warranty they responded:
"5 Year warranty on the ceramic coating. There is maintenance 1x per year to keep the ceramic looking great like the day you picked it up. It's $99 and we do a light polish and additional layer of hydrophobic coating."
This made me pause. If it's a 5 year coating, why does it need an additional layer every year?

So, I reached out to the person that I have used to detail my cars in the past (using his mobile service). He explained to me that "polishing" is how you remove a ceramic coating, so all they are doing is reapplying the final layer each year. So, it's not a 5 year coat.

Although, his shop for ceramic coating isn't as close to me as the other shop, I plan to use him. He quoted me:
1 Year - $300
2 Year - $400
3 Year - $500
4 Year - $600
He does it himself with a helper (both of them are certified by and they use IGL Coatings) and explained "you don't have to see me until the duration of the product is over because then it will start to wear off" and that if it fails in the time frame they "will redo the vehicle if it's not from neglect."

I'm glad I reached out to him before I went with the initial shop. Feel free to reach out to him if you're looking for detailing or Ceramic Coating. (Note: he doesn't do PPF, but I wasn't planning to do it because I don't tend to get rock chips on the front end of my cars where I drive.)

His contact info: Nick - 305-720-4796. Feel free to let him know you heard about him through Richard with the Tesla 3 and share your experiences here.


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