What would you do if you won the $1.6B Mega?

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A guy in the local TV news said he'd buy the new Tesla Roadster so he could drive on the HOV lanes to work. Sounds like he loves the Roadster and he loves his work too.


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    I would be rich
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    I wouldn't be driving to work.
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    Seriously? I would get with Tesla and offer to set and run at my own expense Tesla stores. I would get a dealer’s license and not make a profit on any of the cars. BTW I am in CT where Tesla can’t sell cars unless it goes through a dealer.
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    How many cars Tesla sells in CT? You could probably buy all of them and resale, or giving away, to anyone who wants to buy one.
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    start a Roadster club for my family and friends! Given em out like Oprah! LOL
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    carlk, well due to the choke hold on Tesla, relative few. At last count which was before the 3 really started hitting the streets, there were only 1600 Tesla here. You can test drive/buy them in NY, MA and soon in RI.

    I can't give them away because then the person receiving the car will have to add the value of the car to both their income which means their tax bill would soar. Granted the tax bill would be far less than the price of the car, but if need be, banks don't typically give out loans to cover owed taxes............. I have personal experience with this because in 1987 I won a Corvette. You have to be able to afford to win...

    What I would arrange with Tesla is I would make $1 profit on each sale. This way it couldn't be seen as a front for them. It would be a for profit business. No law stipulates how much profit a dealer has to make.

    In the price of a Tesla is the costs to cover employees salaries and to keep the lights on at their stores. So I would buy the cars for that price, but sell them for the on line price. With the difference, I would pay the employees/electric bill/etc. In the end I would either not make a cent or just $1.
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    I hope your plans remain an item of fantasy. Because the minute you established a Tesla dealership anywhere in the US, Tesla would lose its consumer-direct model in all the states it currently does business.

    A suitable alternate would be to buy the property on which a defunct dealership once did business. Load the lot up with Teslas. Let potential customers pick the one they want. Drive with them across the border to a small office in Massacusetts that you have set up, perform the transaction, and have the customer drive you (or your employee) back to Connecticut as the proud owners of a new Tesla.
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    I heard today (as its now higher than 1.6) that you have a better chance of becoming a Saint than winning this
    combined lottery.
    As a recovering Catholic my chances just got lower.
    Good Luck.

    Still Grinning ;-)
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    Don't even need to buy a ticket. I have plenty of Tesla stock. I will take gains over time in the far future to limit taxes.
    But if I had an extra billion I would donate half to the Sierra Club and Union of Concerned Scientists and support politicians who would do concrete action fighting Climate Disruption caused by burning fossil fuels.
    Also set up some min-grid communities with only EVs. That is just the beginning if I bought a ticket and if I were to win. But I don't like to gamble.
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    Honestly, if I were lucky enough to win, I would arrange meetings with experienced and successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jimmy Carter and others to pick a cause where WE could do the most good. There is so much need out there. The trick is finding a way to get the most bang for the buck. And yes, I would take some to fulfill some of my personal fantasies.....but that would be a drop in the bucket.
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    1) Set up a market account with enough income to make automatic payments on my debt every month.
    2) Replace some of my old woodworking tools.
    3) Finish my staircase bookshelf.
    4) Set up a family scholarship that will pay the monthly amount due on student loans, while employed.
    5) Set up a foundation for my pet non-profit projects.
    6) Hire more staff to keep doing what I am doing at my business, but more efficiently.
    7) Invest the remainder and live on the interest.
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    NoMoPetrol, good point. How about selling just CPOs...... I would buy a bunch of them, get them fully inspected at the service center and resell them. Tesla, like all car companies have programs to teach people how to work on the cars. So I would pay for their training, but they would be employees of mine. This way I can legitimately say they are factory trained technicians. Since I would only be selling used Tesla's, this should affect their efforts to sell new ones directly.

    It is juts an idea that obviously I haven't flushed out with a lawyer or anything. since the beginning I have been trying to come up with ways for Tesla to get around these stupid laws. I even jokingly suggested they get a license to just sell Tesla swag. A Tesla jacket will cost you $90,000 and with it you get a car for free......... :-)
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    start a non-profit with me as president to limit my tax burden
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    and continue to flag trolls
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    Develop auto troll flagging program
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    I would invest the money and continually donate the money to causes that can change the world. At age 66 a total income of $10 million would be more than enough to sustain my wife and myself for the rest of our lives maintaining our lifestyle and would enough to leave a cushion for our kids who don’t need our help. So I would be able to be generous in helping others intelligently. I would obviously use some for ventures that may be hit or miss but would be fun to try
  • I would visit every country in the world in the best hotels, would buy 10 favorite cars( 5 of which Tesla). Actually winning the lottery are even real. Chance of course very small, but with the help mathematics can be win. My friend has already won 2 times $ 1000 thanks to the analysis of numbers from this site
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