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V9 swerving over yellow. Scary as heck.

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Literally almost died today!

Reported and emailed tesla. No response. Their hold.times are 40minutes so I kept hanging up.

Specifically looking for people using V9 on single lane roads with a double yellow.

So, I have my MX (7/2017 build AP 2) for about a year. Use AP all the time. Hiway obviously but also Lots of miles on smaller roads with divider and traffic lights and some single lanes with yellow in middle.

Had some quirks over time but pretty consistent.

Got 39.6 a few weeks ago. No issues. LOVE the auto lane change on non highway roads now available. And love the blindspot addition. Great version and really moving ahead. Really really waiting for NoAP to come.

BUT yesterday and today. Two times each day. It swerved into oncoming traffic over the yellow when there was a break in the yellow. The break was for a crossroad. The roads was straight. Different roads for all 4 episodes. One had an incoming truck that had to go on shoulder. Another one I pulled back in lane right before hitting a guy head on!

All times AP warned me and told me to take over.

PLEASE help folks.

Anyone experienced this recently??


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    Just saw a post on TMC titled autopilot trying to kill me in V9.

    Poster has a video there that shows my exact scenario.

    Break in double yellow lines and swerve into oncoming traffic. Mine was more significant though.

    Finally got through to tesla. They have me the line about not using on non divided highways. Yeah yeah.. But I have for a year and no issue.
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    Glad you’re ok.
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    @Cuttin yea it was good you were paying attention took control and you are alright, someone not paying attention the firemen may have been “Cuttin” them out the vehicle :-)
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    @Cuttin, I am also on 39.6 and have not seen this... glad that you are OK and thx for alerting us. I'm always wary when the car crosses an intersection on autopilot, but I'll definitely be extra vigilant now.
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    Its not supposed to be used on surface streets
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    @jimglass..... Thank you for that. But it IS used by most. And it DOES work very well in like 99.99 percent. It's that .01 percent that is really scary. And yes I do agree you have to be vigilant especially on smaller roads. In cities. Etc. But not use it??? You crazy! It's like saying only wear shoes to run but walk barefoot. Yeah. Right.

    ESPECIALLY, this is the key here, when in previous versions it did something well, you expect that on newer updated version it will be the same or better. The problem is the step back. I am always very weary of newer versions until I drive alot on them. Which I did here for a few weeks, that's the weird thing.

    V9 is INFINENTLY better.

    People bs about silly things. Yes I'd like the back cam on top too. And I'm not crazy about the music UI. Etc. But who cares. If enough complain they'll just do a simple software patch. Big deal. The car freaking drives itself and does it well on almost all roads and in almost all situations! And it's a pleasure to drive. The torque, the speed. It's awesome! Yes auto windshield wipers suck. They'll fix it. Minor issues.

    Others that commented usefully, please keep an eye on this and report it to tesla and here please.

    To reiterate.
    Single lane roads. Break in double yellow. Swerve to oncoming traffic.
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    I posted the video on TMC, and it's still doing it. Definitely a new issue in V9 that I'm hoping they fix soon. Every time it's happened to me, it was on a straight portion of road with well marked lines, sometimes with another car in front to follow. No idea why the short break in the lines is screwing it up so much. At other times, it's able to cross through an intersection with traffic lights, which are a much bigger break in lines and much more confusing areas, with no problem.
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    This behavior isn't acceptable, but not really a surprise. When passing an on ramp or off ramp on the freeway, the AP will swerve a bit it center itself between the two lines, one being the outer ramp line. Its just looking to center itself with the line to the left.
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    @Slevit great video. Thank you.

    Mine too was a straight road with excellent visibility.

    At lighted intersections it does go well and that's usually longer break in double yellow. Weird.

    I'm glad some of us are in same page that this is a NEW issue with V9. Let's hope they are diagnosing and treating as we speak, or type.

    @jimglass. I think this is different and less acceptable. But yes I'm thinking it's same priciniple. It's trying to center. Hence the swerve to the left.

    But I'm not sure why. The cameras see far put. Anyone have a number? I'm thinking at least few hundred feet. It sees that there is a middle double yellow 20 feet ahead. Or even 50 feet ahead. Shouldn't matter. Also. There are maps. It should know that an intersection is coming but road goes straight. I know tesla is trying to rely purely on visuals but I think some integration would be helpful.
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    Like this? It is short 1.5 minute video from T3, but seems similar
    Nick’s Tesla Life
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    Cuttin - I had two issues on the interstate with new V9 - my take is this though, as I have not had issues since...V9 is relearning some things. I have seen this from the early days of AP - AP1 that is. Same thing would happen. Things would be great - then new version comes out and back to being extra vigilant for the first several days (or technically miles :)

    It just seems that with adding new things to EAP - it has to relearn and retrain. I could be completely wrong, but I would bet in a matter of weeks, it will all be well without even an update, it seems to learn things over...

    Just my thoughts for you.
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    This happened to me with a loaner MS 75 (RWD) firmware 2017.36

    Seems to be an old bug not being squashed.

    Tesla SRE's/Engineering team need to address this craziness immediately.

    Glad you're ok....

    When it happened to me just about ran into an incoming truck. Both of us going 55 MPH. Would've been nasty if I even survived.
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    same here yesterday, AP was very jumpy all in a sudden but still on the same V9 39.6.
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    @fairgame. EXACTLY. Like the second swerve in video but in my case the truck was much closer. Hence the slight urine stain on my shorts!

    That's the same as the previous video on TMC that I quoted. Didn't know I can post links here. Nice.

    @burdogg. I hope ur right. It actually hasn't done it since on same road. Still a bit of a tug in that direction but no swerve. So I'm thinking it learned. But it shouldn't have to!

    Still way messed up. BC you get used to a thing and then it takes a step back in a new update.

    But I absolutely agree with many posters.

    At EACH new update. You MUST be extra vigilant using AP in the beginning. I don't have a number. But for me it's a few hundred miles at least.
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    So I just recorded this incident. The last one was worse bc there was a truck in lane. Here no one. But watch how crazy it is. And read my description.

    Same stretch of road. Other similar areas it swerved but not so much.
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    Damn that is scary - I don't think you're supposed to have 39.6.

    Call Tesla Mobile Service & request an immediate firmware upgrade to 2018.42.2

    Rule #1 for me after seeing this - No AP on 2-lane hwy - ANY version
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    Happens with my X as well. Double Yellow breaks for intersection and X drives into oncoming traffic in 1/20 intersections. Yes I know its not "designed" for this but it worked just fine on last version. If I did not keep my hands on steering wheel there would have been an accident. Having ZERO interstates around my area and driving 180 + miles a day I use the lane keep assistance to keep me in my lane without drifting if I am getting a drink or adjusting the radio that is now always at the bottom of the screen. Plus it keeps me from speeding and adjusts to other traffic. Its like having another set of eyes on the road. But its not cool if it snatches the wheel for no reason.
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    I agree. Scary as heck.

    I wouldn't say NO AP on these roads, just need to be vigilant.

    But the CRAZY thing is I've been doing this road on AP for the last year. And it never did that!

    The IMPORRTANT LESSON to learn is with ANY new update, you have to SUPER vigilant with AP. For some scenarios it takes a step backwards. I think that's the difficult part we don't understand. For most things its a giant leap forward.

    @burdogg, I was hoping you were right about LEARNING but I don't think that's true. I keep driving ngt this road over and over and it does NOT Learn it.

    And yes. I have contacted tesla multiple times, by phone, by email, by reporting AP bug in car, no response. Nada. Zilch.
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    Sorry. Had to repost. Here's new link. SORRY.
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    Sorry. Had to repost. Here's new link. SORRY.
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    dang. I would just keep logging bug report right when it does it. Bug report - autopilot swerving into oncoming traffic, didn't do it before update. Keep doing it and someone will eventually review it and figure out what they may need to do there.
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    That is bizarre - I will have to pay attention on my two lane highways...but I am not sure any of mine have that type of scenario...I would still use it, if your hand is in the right spot, you will feel the tug, and when you hold tight, it will take you out of autopilot and then you can re-engage it. I will bet it will be fixed - the problem I see is as they continue to try to improve scenarios, by tweaking things, it may have improved the way it handles one thing, but digressed in how it used to handle another thing. So then they have to go back and figure out how to fix the digressed part...
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    @burdogg. I do report it every time. And I have emailed and called them. Today I reported it and said to reference my YouTube video.

    I'm not sure why I'm not getting the new update! I have had decent wifi for a bit. Maybe it's fixed there.

    But there is DEFINITELY no learning in AP. I keep doing the same road and it keeps throwing me into oncoming traffic. (Relax folks, I'm only letting it when there are no oncoming cars...)
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    Again: Not designed or recommended for surface streets
    You can't expect them to correct a problem that is associated with inappropriate use.
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    jimglas - on the contrary - I have discussed this at length with others...while the manual talks about highways and limited access roads - a lot of that is there for legal protection. Why do I say that? Because those that have been around from the start of EAP can prove that Tesla if they really meant that, they could enforce it. But they don't, because they full well know that people buy it for this very purpose as well - as many of us Do NOT use the interstate very regularly.

    To help prove my point...When EAP first rolled out - it was very limited in scope and use - Jan 2017. All you could do is use it on the interstate below 25 mph. That was it. Then they bumped it up to 35 or so. Eventually they got it up to 55 mph but Only on the interstate. Eventually they got it up to speed on the interstate. Still only place it could be used was the interstate - it was geofenced to there only. Then, they opened it up to be used everywhere, at lower speeds at first, and then bumped it up. It wasn't until summer or so (been too long to remember, but it took them way longer then they wanted, and hence settled a lawsuit to pay out for it to those owners).

    My point being - they can totally geofence it and only allow AP to be used in certain areas - but they didn't. They already had it geofenced...but then opened it up to be used everywhere. Why...because they know full well that people are wanting it for all these places. Tesla as well wants it to work in these places. There are a lot of two lane highways all over that it is meant for. Surface streets, while not meant for per se the manual, Tesla full well knows and even bigger point...ALLOWS it to be used. :)

    Hence why I still state that the manual is a legal protection...but Tesla full well knows and expects it to be used on surface streets.

    That there, is my opinion - because they could very easily have never allowed it to be enabled or used in such locations :)
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