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Tesla owners love their cars! We spend a lot of time with them, and all of us have ideas for what would make the experience even better #MaximumFun. The Tesla forums are obviously a great place for owners to connect, discuss issues and ideas. However, I don't think it's easy for Tesla to dig through tens of thousands of threads and hundreds of thousands of posts and get a good detailed sense of all the things owners care about.

To help make this easier on Tesla, and to help owners organize their ideas, I built a site that focuses on Tesla software feature requests and bug reports. It's specifically *not* another forum. Just ideas and votes. Please let me know what you think, and what would make it better. Feedback is always welcome.

Note, this is "fun" personal project created to help owners and help Tesla achieve its mission. It's not a commercial site (I maintain the site in evenings and weekends), so no ads or other annoying stuff. Site is intended to be helpful. That's is. So far I've been really pleased with the engagement and thoughtfulness of all the ideas.

The site was first mentioned on Zac and Jesse's fantastic "Now You Know" YouTube channel, episode 108 @ ~34mins in (

Sorted by popularity (i.e. most votes), here are the top 4 trending issues right now:
#1. Add Bird’s Eye View for parking assistance
#2. Display view from side backward facing camera when turn signal is engaged to change lanes.
#3. Window down alerts, app window control
#4. Add more voice controls (wipers and air conditioning in particular)

Please vote and add ideas that are missing. I've already learned a lot about what other owners care about. I hope you do to, and find it fun.



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    Always useful to have lists of desired features as the forum is a poor way to handle them. You may not be aware, but I've been providing this service for 5+ years now, with over 500 desired features submitted by owners. Over 100 have now been implemented by Tesla. You can vote or add comments to desired features and search the database. We analyze submissions and give our editor's rating on general desirability, likelihood of Tesla implementing the feature and a rough expense idea (if any).

    You can start here, and select "Desired Features":

    I don't track bugs, so freda's site may be great for that too.
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    @TeslaTap - +100.
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    It is bad form to promote your forum on another forum...poaching.
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    @Uncle - I see you point, but neither of these options are forums. Just a better way to handle one narrow need.
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    Does Tesla look at these?
    I just added 3 TuneIn requests to improve podcast listening. Vital for those of us with long commutes...
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    I have a 2017 model S and recently installed the latest software update. Now, I do not have the cold weather package that previously existed, resulting in the inability to turn on steering wheel and outside mirrors heaters. what, if anything, can I do to reactivate these features?
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    @BG1: What Version are you running
    2018.42.2 has cold weather package on my MX
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    Hi @TeslaTap, thanks for the link. I'm sorry I didn't run across your site in my research.

    Now I'm curious how well the feedback aligns across the two sites :)
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    "I do not have the cold weather package that previously existed, resulting in the inability to turn on steering wheel and outside mirrors heaters. what, if anything, can I do to reactivate these features?"

    How do you expect to activate hardware that your car does not have?
  • Tesla should have Send Feedback similar to how Google does it for Android. Car has connection, screen, and keyboard. That's all you need to submit feedback and issues directly to Tesla. Tesla can even collect logs like Android does. Not sure why it's still not there.
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    A feature on the app to disable the car even if your phone key is inside the car. When would this be useful you ask? When I give complete strangers tours/test drives of my Model 3. I trust people, but I suppose there is always a chance someone tries to take off on me when I don't want them to. I guess that's where the speed limit setting comes in handy.
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    @wisam.alrawi You can use the "Send bugreport ..." voice command in the car. If you ever talk to Tesla service about an issue you reported this way, include the date and timestamp of when you sent this, so they can look at the logs from your vehicle.
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    Anyone with a modicum of commonsense would have the presence of mind not to let some complete stranger drive their car without their going along as a passenger...

    Just saying.
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    I wonder why Tesla does not sync the estimated range the battery provides as shown on the car's monitor vs. the range shown on the instrument panel. The instrument panel greatly overestimates the range the car can travel.
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    @burtgrant1: The instrument panel display is a simple calculation: state of charge multiplied by the EPA rated range for your car; it doesn't take into account actual driving conditions. The energy graph and the trip planner do take actual conditions into account.
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    @burtgrant1, you can also change the battery indicate to show percentage instead of rated range.

    Some owners want to toggle between modes more easily (34 votes so far):

    Others would like to see both at the same time (7 votes so far):
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    I now have the enhanced summons on my 2017 Model S. Its been about 3 weeks since it was downloaded, but I keep getting a message that its not ready and that the cameras are calibrating. How long does this process take?
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    @fredsa fellow software developer here. I have to give you kudos for your site architecture and UI responsiveness. Firebase, Angular, Material ... good modern choices for mobile and web. With Firebase you can probably show realtime currently online users fairly easily, right? Any plans to add filtering by label? (I'm guessing it'll probably take some refactoring to get label filtering added, otherwise it would already be there.)

    teslatap has a lot of good info, but feels like I'm browsing a frankenstein site made in the mid-aughts. Looks like it's using Wordpress for content management. :-/ And hopefully using a plugin for feature requests.

    You two should rev share; teslatap's feature request should just redirect to moretelsa so we as a community have a centralized request portal. If teslatap custom wrote their feature request, then ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... oh, well. I know how it is to write software and become attached to the time/effort invested in building it.
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    @mtbikemike - Yep, site could use a refresh. Based on wordpress prior to them offering any mobile abilities, along with a fair number of my customizations. Not beyond my abilities, as i've done some far more modern sites for others. Just have to find a few months free to rebuild it. At least all the content is in a database.
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    Thanks @Fredsa.
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    @Fredsa. Sorry you have naysayers on this thread. You've done us a service. I have a suggestion for the sort feature on your website. Sort by newest votes.
  • edited April 2019 You have a very useful and informative web site, I go there periodically to look for answers to questions and find answers to problems I don't have yet. Keep the web site going!

    Mike P
  • edited November -1 I feel remorse about my harsh critique. Software development is a hard, esoteric yet enviable occupation. Your work is well appreciated by ... maybe millions? .. and if not millions now, definitely aggregated into the future. Thank you for your time, dedication and service.

    The worst vice is advice. ;o)
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    @mtbikemike - no need for remorse. I'm slightly embarrassed that the site isn't more modern, especially for viewing on phones. Like all software, it can be better - just takes time and effort :)

    Thanks for the nice comments too!
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    I just purchased a model 3. Had my electrician install a 14-50 outlet and now find that there is no adapter with the car that fits. I need an adapter that will fit the outlet. Anyone know where I can get one? My dealer doesn't have any left.
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