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No Audio Whatsoever?

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After a stop on the way home this evening, audio completely stopped working. I have no blinker sound, no warning chimes and (obviously) no music. When I try to play music the player UI seems to hang and when I try to give a voice command it fails immediately, which seems like a problem initializing the voice hardware. I've tried both a reboot from the steering wheel and a full power off from the menu, but there's still no audio.

The lack of warning sounds seems like a saftey issue and the earliest service appointment is November 30. Grr..

Has anyone seen this problem (or one like it before)? Did it recover on its own or do you have any tips for getting it to recover?


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    I lose audio temporarily if the Media Player has trouble loading a song file from my USB (in my Model S), but the sound always comes back after several seconds. Were you playing media from a USB?
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    Yeap, same problem as the OP! I’m on 42.3. No blinker sounds, no parking proximity sounds, NOTHING... the music interface as well as voice commands are dead. Everything else works fine...
    Surprisingly, I had to reset the car three times (not once) to get it back... it worked for two days and today, again, same problem... I can’t call Tesla, I don’t have time to be put on hold for >1 hour...
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    I’m just going to wait for the next SW release. They usually fix this kind of things pretty quickly...
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    Had no radio first 2 days. Called Service, told to do 2-button reset followed by shutting down.
    Did both twice, and after second run thru, radio came back and has stayed back,
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    I've had this happen 3 times but leaving the car and having it lock itself seems to reset it (e.g. folding the mirror, etc...) even without fully sleeping. Rebooting has no impact but walking away and going back fixed it each time. Has happened with multiple versions of software. Very odd, though...
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    2x so far. Powering car off, then on is my only resolution. Good luck trying to get Tesla to fix it since the audio will probably be perfect on the day of your service appointment.
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    I have had repeated problems with playing media on my Model 3. Tesla clearly doesn't care much about it. Complaints have been registered on fora for the last several years to no avail. It is a shame because the sound system is superb but the software is lamentable. It is especially annoying that Slacker (which is a disgrace and likely to go out of business) was chosen for the US models while everybody else gets Spotify. In addition, if you use your USB drive to play your own music you can't use voice commands, the car doesn't remember where you were when you return, and trying to at least skip tracks with the left hand wheel is a hit and miss affair. The sad thing is that implementing a decent system is not a major problem and would not cost a great deal, Tesla just doesn't seem to care
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    I started having that issue Monday night. I restarted my car a few times but it didn’t fix it. Found the fix last’s a temporary fix until they send an update. Put your in P-park, go to your settting and power off the car. Once it’s off, step on the brake to turn the car back on, all your sound/volume will be back. It worked for me the last couple days.
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    I've now had this many times, and it is annoying. Powering off car and restarting is the fix.

    I'm getting into the habit of trying the turn signal as soon as I get into the car to see if the car needs a restart before I get on the road.

    Stuff like this is really discouraging.
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    This happened to me after being parked on a low SOC in 30-40 degree temps... i drove to the supercharger with no sound from the audio, blinkers, autopilot sounds etc... I plug into the supercharger and charged with no audio for 40 minutes...before and during super charging i tried the 'reboot'. As soon as i was done charging and pulled the plug the audio was BuMpInG!!!!! Thats all i have to say about that.
  • Has anyone gotten this fixed on their car? I have a Tesla service appt next week but don't know if its worth leaving my car with them.
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    This is still a problem with build 48. It happened to me twice on Friday; once while giving test rides to coworkers, so instead of showing off the sound system and the fart app I just kept talking. Both times I had very limited cell service, so there might be a correlation as I've never experienced the issue when I had strong service (I have AT&T for my phone and have learned to check the signal strength on my phone too).
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    Agreed. I had it happen a couple versions ago once and once again on the latest release. Fixed after I exited and came back after grocery shopping.
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    Had it again this morning. This time I note that I didn't wait for the whole power down before restarting it, and audio still came back. I'm going to do some more testing and see exactly how quickly audio is restored.

    It is so incredibly frustrating that Tesla does not participate in these forums. We have no idea which problems they are aware of and/or which have fixes on the way. Does anyone know if Tesla is aware of this problem? I've reported it to my service center and they sure didn't act as if they knew about it.
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    I have also had this happen to me a few times regardless of what software version I am on (even the latest 48.12).
    Not sure what causes it and not sure how to fix it.
    Sometimes I get lucky by resetting the car by holding down both scroll wheels. Sometimes not so lucky.
    Happened a couple of days ago, tried rebooting 3 times, including power off from the screen but no luck.

    It fixed itself next time I got into the car.
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    I've just experienced this issue with Model 3 today. Had the car for about a 6 weeks and this morning, for the first time ... NO AUDIO. Tried all the restart tricks but no luck. Went into the office, came out about 2-3 hours later and it worked again. But, then same problem when I left work this evening.

    Any one still having this issue?
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    @bebien - What version are you on? Does all audio or just a specific source fail? Do you hear the blinkers? Are you using any USB sticks, and if so, try removing them, reboot and see if that corrects it.
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    Received my M3 yesterday and no audio this morning including turn signals. When I plugged in to charge the audio kicked in. Will try Power Off later if it happens again. Did they ever release a fix for this? Seems like it's been in forums since 2018 and there was talks of a bug fix.
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    H ave a Dec 2017 M3, with HW 3.0. 2 days ago I was offered & installed OTA update 2019.40.50,7. Ever since then there's no sound from any music/news source. No stations on FM will play & I actually cant select anything by touching. Similar;y n streaming station or favorites will play. No CDs on my mirni USB will play and nothing will play from my iPhone: no album files and no streaming of Calm Radio, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. Only silence.
    I tried the recommendations above: reboot MCU, PowerDown M3, reboot MCU; SAME performance. I did this 2 times and got same result.
    Tried to get support though my iPhone App, I described above. I was asked if I had tried rebooting and powering down. I indicated (for 2nd time) that I had with same result. I was asked if the MCU were on and could I drive my car. I answered yes to both questions and was told to call a number and ask fro support on Monday I asked if anyone=e was going to be there on MLK birthday. He ddn't know. Clearly this is affecting many vehicles and apparently no solution is a available. Quite disappointing.
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    The next day, yesterday,19 January, all audio sources played again. There was no change in m software version and I did nothing more. A little spooky, but not complaining!
  • Has anyone received any advice on what the root cause of this issue is? My MS is intermittently having complete audio drop outs since just last week, everything including indicator noise. I'm of the opinion its related to updates to the Spotify integration but can't be 100%, I'd put money on it though.
  • For me it has something to do with the bluetooth it gets hung up and all sound stops. Sometimes it comes back but most of the time 2 wheel reboot to get it fixed.
  • Welcome to poor quality of Tesla cars. Tesla Fanbois will kill you for reporting issue here. Move on and accept poorly built car by Tesla as I have done. This forum is not for reporting true issues. It is driven by Tesla fanbois paid by Elon.
  • @IntelSPE make for the benefit of Kazakhstan oil export industry.
  • > @IntelSPE said:
    > Welcome to poor quality of Tesla cars. Tesla Fanbois will kill you for reporting issue here. Move on and accept poorly built car by Tesla as I have done. This forum is not for reporting true issues. It is driven by Tesla fanbois paid by Elon.

    Wow, so NOT ONE post "killing" the OP for reporting the issue here, and you come in blasting "Tesla fanbois paid by Elon". That shows your true colors like nothing else.
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