Why does Tesla Forum site suck?

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A question for the experienced users of Tesla forums.

Why is this "Forum" so user-unfriendly? Doesn't even have a "Search".

I just got a Model S and trying to get the information I can use, efficiently. Even Google shows forum topics that are tantalizingly relevant to the info I'm seeking. However when I get to Tesla Forum, there's no way to get to that info.

If I am missing something or there's a Search somewhere that I didn't figure out, please help me.



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    First, congrats on getting your car.
    Nope, no search function. though generally you can quickly scan through thread titles.

    What would you like to know that isn't in the owner's manual ?
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    You can normally search the forum using one of the techniques in, but since the forum was purged for reasons unknown the articles in the search index are gone.
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    Because Tesla wants us to browse all the topics.
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    Nothing to search. The boards just got refreshed.
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    @jordanrichard ,

    Thanks for offering to help!
    The question I have is: What's the optimal charge limit I need to set for my overnight scheduled charge?

    My normal drive distance everyday is around 40 miles.
    Very occasionally I might go to 70 miles.

    1) Should I set it to 80% or 90%?
    2) Also, is charging every night better than letting it go down to about 50 miles before charging?

  • @sj,
    80% is better for your car than 90%. With your short daily drive of 40 miles, I'd lean more towards 70 to 75%.
    Charging every night is best. Unlike old Nickel batteries (NiMH and NICd) that had a memory, there is no benefit to discharging a Li-ion battery.
    On the other hand, while better, the difference isn't really that great.
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    Agree that forums are not great. No search function readily available. No threading. Some spam, etc.
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