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19" Snow Tires for Model X

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I was looking to put snow tires on my MX and I have a few questions. My vehicle came equipment with 20" wheels and tires, and I was looking on Tesla website and they sell a 19" snow tire package, but I hear that customers bought it very early and they get charged immediately and wait for many weeks since it's on backordered, so I am looking into other options:

1] I heard that wheels/tires have a major impact on your EV range. Does anyone have any recommendation?

2] I was looking to buy the BLIZZAK DM-V2 265/50R19 110T XL tires and 19x8.5" wheels. Will this work on my MX? And will Tesla service center install it?

3] I know going from 22" wheel to 20" wheel gives a 20%+ range increase. Does going from 20" to 19" also give a range increase?



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    I bought the 19" Blizzak tires, plus rims, from TireRack. They came pre-mounted, so I installed them myself. I'm using a 3 ton floor jack from Harbor Freight, and a homemade wood & aluminium jack pad from plans found on the TMC forum.
    The grip of the Blizzaks is phenomenal on snow and ice. But, be aware that I am losing 12 to 15% efficiency, even on dry roads. The onboard nav computer will not compensate for the reduced efficiency (like towing), so you need to allow for the loss when charging on a long trip.
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    I installed t a Blizzak / rim package from Tirerack last year. I'm happy with the results. Like Solarman004, expect a reduction in range with this tire. I went from a 20 to a 19. I've also noticed that 60 mph indicated is really 58, so the tire diameter is a bit smaller as well.

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    The 19” set that Tesla sells are great BUT you take a hit in mileage. I get better mileage with the OEM 20s, must be lighter.
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    Redmiata are your 20" on low rolling resistance all-season or winter tires? There might be a difference due to tires compound.
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    Both are the OEM all season 20 and winter 19s.
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    There is only about 4 pounds total weight difference, so you are probably right it must be a combination of the tire footpint and increased traction difference that accounts for the energy consumption variance.
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    I bought a 2019 Tesla X Performance and want to purchase a dedicated rim/winter tire set in 19" or 20". Can anyone recommend a wheel/tire supplier with good knowledge of what will and will not work.

    Thanks, Glenn
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    Tire Rack is advertising like crazy lately. They are a good source for everything tires.
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