MX needs Unlock / Doesn't Sense Fob

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My new MX (delivered June 2018) needs to be Unlocked after only a couple of minutes when sitting in the car with the Key Fob in the cup holder/armrest of the center console or in my pocket. It seems to be timing out pretty quickly . . . kind of annoying to have to double-click to Unlock so often. Any ideas as to why this happens?


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    Sounds like normal operation - the car auto-locks. You can unlock the doors by tapping the unlock icon on the display (upper -left corner). No need to reach for the fob. There could be a use case for keeping the doors unlocked while sitting in the car for an extended time, but I can't think of it. On the flip side, many owners like the security of having the car locked, even when sitting in it. Probably hard to please everyone.
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    I understand wanting the doors to lock while you are sitting in the car, but you cannot just shift into Drive and drive away . . . you first have to Unlock the car using the Fob. I guess when I get in the car, I should immediately shift into Drive or Neutral and keep my foot on the brake pedal until ready to drive away. If I get in with it in Park, and start doing something like setting a Navigation destination or anything else, it will "Lock" within a few seconds and then I have to "Unlock" in order to shift into Drive or Reverse. Not a huge issue, just a little annoying.
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    @liftsrock: Do you have Passive Entry disabled? I didn't think the car would automatically lock while a key is detected unless Passive Entry is disabled.
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    liftsrock, did you unlock the car, get in, get out and then re-enter? Alternatively, did you unlock, do something else like open the trunk, then get in? It seems to me that the car is programmed to make you confirm that you have the key and are not someone who jumped in and tried to drive away. I disabled passive entry after seeing a video where thieves used a technique to sense the passive entry signal from the fob inside a house and relay it to a second device which transmitted it near the car. The doors unlocked and the car was driven away. I also enabled the PIN function. The result is slightly annoying but better than making it easy for thieves.
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    @liftsrock It shouldn't be annoying at all as things are made for your security. I hope you understand from the clarification of It reminds me the day when I received my Tesla and indulged in the same problem, a little bit annoying but now very comfortable. Thanks to the members for making updates here.
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