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solar panels + powerwall 2 + chevy bolt. need advice on strategy

newbie here. just got pto from socal edison last week on a 6.6kw system + powerwall 2. sce just switched us over to the tou-d-a plan. we also recently leased a chevy bolt and installed a level 2 charger. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to maximize everything to save money. minus the bolt we've been able to charge up the battery during the day and use it to power the house at night with a little (depending on the day) power going back to the grid. now that we're on a tou plan and have the bolt, i scheduled charging for late last night. the battery was taken down to the backup percentage (10%) so the house had to pull from the grid until the sun came up. is that the best i can do during these winter months? is there anything else you guys suggest i try?

btw, today i went in to the app and switched the battery to time based control and input the peak and off peak times. i had it on "self-powered" before. thanks in advance for any comments/advice!


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    I think what you have done is the best from a cost perspective. Use the solar to charge the battery first and use it and solar during the peak times and then use the cheaper power at night to charge the car and support the low house draw at night. I assume you have net metering in some form, so you will also be offsetting some of that night usage with what you put into the grid while you are away during the day at work. Of course you could also charge the car during the day at non peak times (assuming same rate as overnight) with solar/grid combo, but in the end that would be the same result.
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    thanks for the feedback PFP. that's what i was thinking as well. wasn't sure if there was a magic formula that anyone has figured out. it's interesting to watch what the software is prioritizing. right now at 9:51am the solar is going back to the grid while the house is being powered by the battery. partial peak is 8am-2pm. peak is from 2pm-8pm. i'm gonna let it go for another day or 2 and see what happens.
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