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Tesla App Behavior -- Not Real-time at Night. . .

Hi All,

Before I bother Tesla support with this, I thought I'd ask. . . is this normal?

I'm thrilled with Tesla Solar so far. Install was done in September. After a couple of calls to support to get my app working correctly, I was thrilled with the App's behavior too.

Except for one thing. . .

After the sun goes down, and after the inverter eventually turns off, my Tesla gateway attached to my router briefly (a few minutes) displays "no signal" (to the inverter, I assume) in red, and the Tesla app on my phone becomes inaccurate and/or stops reporting my household energy usage in real time for the rest of the night, until the inverter comes back on in the morning sunlight. Overnight, the app seems to be getting "snapshots" that are several (ie, ten, twenty, thirty?) minutes apart. But, and here's the real kicker, the PowerGuide on the mysolarcity website is still getting real-time, accurate information from my home and reports real-time energy usage accurately overnight even as the Tesla app fails to do so.

So, why can't the app get the same real-time info as mysolarcity PowerGuide after dark?

Is this normal?




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    I guess there's not a lot of traffic in this forum? I realize I'm not entitled to a response, but I hope someone who has solar with Tesla, no powerwall, and uses the app can tell me if they get real-time household usage reporting at night on the app (I get it on MySolarCity PowerGuide at night, but not on the tesla app).
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    I have a 5kw solar and powerwall 2, and my iPhone app works 99% of the time, I check my daily usage on all streams and it seems to report everything I expect, hope this helps
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