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Solar array offline -10 days to get an appointment????????? WTF Help?

My system shows an - error code 2x1A Faulty AC relay
Did basic trouble shooting over the phone and was told 1st available appointment was 10 days out........
I think that is unacceptable and very disappointing.
If my electric utility company would have said that I'd be on Fire!
(Tesla is now looking so bush and greedy)
Tesla has a lot to learn....#1 Take care of customers!

I'm amazed that electrical service repair isn't mandated to a ASAP i.e. a day or two.
I'd think an installed nonfunctioning in use array would take president over other "projects"

(Makes a system owner think they may be second class if they have problems.)
That's not what they say when they sell the system.

So what can an owner do to have service in a more timely manner?


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    Calm down and wait your turn.
  • I guess that's all there is to it from your POV.
    I expect "High Brand" service to go with the "High Brand" product.
    Long term investment on my roof- I was hoping the Team would be less
    Calm down and Wait your turn and More like
    Whoa! that's costing you cash with no production we'll send out the A-team ASAP
    Tesla needs happy customers
    Better response time goes a long way.........
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    I agree with you @brianmcpherson02. This is a big deal. You put the equivalent to a Luxury car on your roof and it doesn't work. That is not acceptable. Tesla is trying to build this out and if they can't service your system, how do they expect you to relate a good experience to your neighbors? Bad reviews by word of mouth carry more weight than good ones.
  • Yeah they're dumb as rocks at times.
    My SolarCity stories make me cringe at times knowing that it might put-off new installs/buyers.
    They have a lot to be embarrassed about.
    My install was less than stellar...
    The old put yourself in my shoes gets little play when dealing big corporations
    But I wish them the greatest success and think the solar/electric is the future.
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