Rear ended in Boulder

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The next day after the accident I took the car in to the Boulder Tesla approved auto body shop. One month later I don’t have a repair date yet, not because of anything Tesla is not doing. I’m still on the waiting list to start the repair cycle at the shop. The parts have yet to be ordered. I honestly do not expect to have the car fixed until spring of 2019.

I think I need to check out other auto body shops. Do you have any recommendation for more expedient auto body shop from Fort Collins to Denver?


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    Stuttgart is popular for Teslas.
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    Our 3 just came back from Caropractor (yes, you read that right), after Tesla sent it there for repainting 8 weeks ago. The new paint has terrible swirls/holograms, but I'm not sure if that's from the body shop or Tesla's washing. I think you'll find that all the Tesla-approved body shops are swamped right now. There were a crazy number of cars delivered in September/October with paint issues.

    I had my S repaired at Stuttgart a few years ago after a very large chunk of wet snow fell off a highway sign and did about $11K of damage to the front of the car. I can't say I was all that impressed with Stuttgart, either in repair time or quality, but the paint job they did was a bit better than our 3's current paint. Both required some fairly significant paint correction.

    I've heard stories of people/Tesla sending their cars to shops out of state to get faster repair times. Denver has a lot of Teslas and very few certified repair shops. If you can find a shop in a neighboring state, they might get it done quicker, but they also won't probably have had a lot of experience with Teslas.

    Good luck, you'll need it.
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    I had my car repaired at Stuttgart about 3 years ago. I was pleased with the work they did. Of course, it took about 3 months from the time I brought it to them (which was 2 months after the fender bender, as it was still drivable). Stuttgart hosted a Denver Tesla Club meeting and it looks like a very nice facility, from a layman's perspective.

    The fact that the shop you took it to hasn't even ordered parts yet is reason enough to transfer it. They know how long it takes to get parts.
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    The shop, in Boulder, I took it to has a waitlist for Teslas. They will only work on a maximum of three Teslas at a time. They're limiting their exposure to inventory cost. Since the damage is minor and doesn't impact driveability it's not terrible. It's just driving a damaged car. This week I do plan to take it to Stuttgart to see if I can get this repair moving.
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    Good luck with that. Stuttgart typically has 20 or so Teslas in their parking lot behind the gates and several indoors being worked on.
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    I had to wait a couple of months before they could start repairs but once they had possession of my car it took about 3 weeks for Stuttgart to repair my hail damaged S. That was 1 week faster than they estimated it would take. They were very professional and did good work.
  • We too were rear ended and granted the damage was minimal. Took the car to Stuttgart and they did an exceptional job with timing, communication and quality of the repair. Very pleased.
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