The Case Of Oil Price Reduction As A Weapon In The War On Terror

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Opinion paper

January 2007

Recently we are seeing the convergence of movements on the issue of oil usage in the US. On one side the environmentalists are pushing for reduction in green house gas emission and on the other the security hawks are preaching for reduction of the dependence on foreign oil for the sake of national security and particularly for the sake of a stable US economy. As encouraging as these developments are, they fall short in both scope and implementation timeline. It is not just about reduction of green house gas emission or becoming independent of foreign oil, rapid and dramatic reduction in oil price can become the primary weapon in the war on terror.

Oil and world terrorism – the “Fear for Greedâ€Â


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    <p>Interesting piece. However, the author must have a very short memory to ask the question "What did the U.S. ever do to Iran?"</p>
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    <p>Fair enough. Take the comment about the US and Iran out.</p>
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