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Does anyone know if there is any way to keep the Media Player controls from popping up along the bottom of the display every time I get into my Model S? There's no obvious way that I can see. Could this really be a software Version 9 feature that was assumed everyone would want? (Because I don't) I get in and right away, I move Media Player out of view and two seconds later, it pops up again. It will even pop up a third time before it finally stays down. I feel like I'm playing Whack-A-Mole every time I get in my car!

My preference is that Media Player be out of view unless and until I select it, not for it to pop up over and over again as a default. It's become a very irritating pet-peeve of mine. Surely I'm not unique here in how much this is bugging me. I've written to Tesla support to voice my objection, but I thought maybe someone might have an interim solution.

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    I'm not aware of any way to turn off media when starting up. I'm of the opposite end - I hated v8 that always ended up with a useless phone connection screen rather than the audio menu. You had to select audio every time you got in the car to get back to the audio app. So a win for some, loss for others. A better solution for all is to just remember what was set when turning off the car.
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    @TeslaTap: I always had the Media player visible even with V8; I’m surprised to hear that wasn’t the case for you. On the other hand, I get USB loading errors and you don’t, so I guess it’s a fair trade-off. :-)
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    Having the media player open itself every time bugs me too. I must think this is a v9 bug, it should stay in the state it was when you exited the car. USB reloading songs every time is back in v9, at least for me, it might be related to that.
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    @BlueRadish: I’ve been seeing the USB reloading every time in my new S100D, but my older 2016 S85 wasn’t doing that even with V9. At least it loads much faster in the 100D.
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    "My preference is that Media Player be out of view unless and until I select it, not for it to pop up over and over again as a default."

    A lot of us feel that way about the map, but the protests about that seem to have died down.

    "a win for some, loss for others."


    "A better solution for all is to just remember what was set when turning off the car."

    My wife and I prefer to have the rear view camera on top and the media player, set at the middle of the three heights, on the bottom. Every time the car turns on, that's how the display comes up. I don't know how the display would come up if we changed to something different before turning off the car, may have to try it some time, but for all practical purposes the car is remembering how we want the display to be.

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    Okay, I was able to speak to a technical support representative at Tesla Motors and spoke to her about this issue just this morning, so I thought I would pass along the results of that conversation.

    There have been lots of people who have called in on this. Apparently this is a firmware problem that will be addressed in a forthcoming update, but no timeframe was available as yet. The intent for the owner to configure the display to his or her liking. So...that's good news.
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    @tstevens787 - Good news, thanks for the info.

    @EVRider - Interesting you say the USB reloading started with a new car. Same here, worked great with our SP90D, got a new SP100D and the same USB drive now always reloads. I wondered if the problem started with v9 because the new car was the same time as v9. But maybe its the new CPU? Also, wonder if its the dashcam seperate drive. I've been running experiments, removing dashcam drive, removing meta data, renaming .mp3s, etc. trying to find a work around, so far nothing. Gezzz, I wish one of the media player developers had a new MS and a lot of USB music to see how annoying this reloading bug is.
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    @BlueRadish: In my case the dashcam isn’t a factor, since I’m not using it. The USB reloads most of the time, but not every time; I haven’t figured out the pattern yet.
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    @EVRider - I've also trying to find a pattern, for me reload is 90% of the time. I think it might be related to the number of .mp3s, 3800 or so for me. Had this problem with older v1.0 MCU car, depending on the update version, the last few v8 versions were great. How many songs do you have on your USB?
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    Sounds like all owners that are having the reloads have MCU2? I've got MCU1, and rarely does it reload. I've got about 8,000 songs, a mix of MP3s and mostly FLAC.
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    I have around 6,000 songs on my USB.
  • edited December 2018 - Yes, seems like a MCU 2.0 or 2.5 problem. I have 2.5, used to work great with 1.0 MCU. I think I'll start a new thread in the MS area, this one is getting off topic. Maybe if we can narrow down the cause we can get some love from the media player developers.
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