[PSA] If you tail light is out, auto lane change will not work.

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For the past couple days after 46.2 update, I was not able to use auto lane change while in auto pilot. I thought it was some software bug, and even did couple bug reports. I was so confused to why it's not working all of a sudden.

Fast forward couple days. I was picking up my kid from daycare, another parent mentioned to me that my tail light is out. I went to check the car, the passenger side tail light was out. I thought that's probably what's keeping the auto lane change to work. I went on the highway to test out auto lane change, sure enough, I can auto lane change to the left fine, but it would cancel right away if i try to change to the right. The passenger side front blinker is noticeably faster when the rear is out as well.

I thought this would be useful information to share with the community.

Scheduled my first mobile service, let's see how that goes.


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    Good to know and good safety measures by Tesla.

    Since the car knows it’s out, it would be nice to have it display that on the dash.
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    I thought that all the Tesla HW2 cars had LED lights which do not 'burn out' But I guess that if the controller is broken, the light will not work.

    But that interesting. I am having a different issue in that my surround view is limited because of one of the side cameras failing. Of course it is intermittent and happens randomly. I have a appointment in a week to see if they can fix it a second time.
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    Interesting. If the car could know that the light is out maybe it should let you to know that too.
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    "Since the car knows it’s out, it would be nice to have it display that on the dash."


    "LED lights which do not 'burn out' "

    LEDs may not "burn out", but they can fail and a small percentage of them do.
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    Found this on my Model 3 today. The connector to the front right blinker was loose, which prevented auto lane changes to the right and caused the blinker icon on the screen to blink at double speed. Thanks for posting this; I happened across it on a search, and realized this precisely described my problem.

    I really think Tesla could do better than trying to emulate the blinker bulb burned out behaviour of the 1964 Oldsmobile that I drove in High School. It's not like they don't have a giant screen that they're willing to put up all kinds of notifications on - a simple "Light Malfunction detected" notification would have been very nice; they wouldn't even have to tell me which one.
  • Perhaps the car isn’t aware that the light is out, but only that something isn’t correct? Still, an alert would be nice.

    I had a loaner a while back and auto wipers weren’t working on it, turns out it had no washer fluid. Same deal, no warning but it was a ‘clue’ something was amiss.
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