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Anyone actually get a Reus system in their Model 3? I just but down a deposit, but I am a little nervous as they are located in Cali, and Im in DFW, so I essentially just put down a large check for an audio system sight unseen (or sound unheard?). Everyone on these posts seem to think that the stock premium system in the model 3 is the best they have ever heard, but honestly I am extremely underwhelmed. Coming from a cadillac with a Bose setup and then a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a premium mopar setup (Both OEM), the model 3 doesn't even compare. The range is lacking, muddy mids and horrible base response (All tested using high fidelity FLAC files).

Im just looking for someone here on the forums preferably with a long history of chats to vouch for them to give me some confidence. Ill post in a few months when they come back to DFW and install the system.


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    I get the feeling you won't listen to anything that doesn't reinforce your current opinion. Let us know how awesome your new sounds is when you get it.

    I checked the website, but it's light on what the actual product is for the model 3. Do you have any details?
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    I had Reus install their upgrades on my Model S, back when I had it. I gather that there's better stock sound available now, but mine was an early (Signature Edition) car, and I was *extremely* underwhelmed with the sound. It was really really poor. The Reus upgrade was amazing, and it became my reference environment for listening to music.

    Fast-forward many years, I sold my S awhile back, and I now own a Model 3. I expected to do a Reus upgrade on it as well, but I was just happy enough with the stock system (and I spend less enough time in the car, compared to when I was driving my S) that I decided not to bother.

    So I haven't heard the delta of "stock Model 3" vs "Reus-upgraded Model 3." But I can definitely attest that the Reus systems sound exceptional.
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    michaelwm--you do know that Reus will move/migrate your system from car to car (like your S to your 3) at a very reduced cost? It is essentially a lifetime investment.
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    I just don’t get it - the road noise takes care of all the highs and lows in a car.

    ‘Reference listening environment’? Ha!
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    Only when the car is moving, lol. I can't criticize though, I spent 5 years of my life fabricating and installing high end car audio systems.
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    99% of the time my car is moving!

    When I’m not moving, I’m in front of my work computer or sitting st home listening to my semi expensive Paradigm reference speakers. Now there’s a listening environment.
  • So Cliff from Reus came out last week and installed my system. I ended up with the 2.5 system which has a 10" sub in the hidden storage of the trunk. The enclosure takes up about 1/2 the space, is fitted well and carpeted so that it looks about as seamless as it can. I'll upload some pics when I can. They also place a center channel on the rearview mirror which is about the the most physically noticeable part of the system, but really unless your looking for it, it's still very stealth. They added Crossovers which separate the frequencies going to the tweaters vs the door speakers and did some tuning. Honestly I expected more new speakers etc for a system at this price point, but the sound is dramatically better. Night and day difference really. There are controls mounted to the seat rail in the front to adjust the base and center channel. I find the center channel makes a huge difference with compressed or streaming music. Reus Designs their own speakers and audio equipment, so if you're looking something with JBL or Kicker plastered all over it, your looking in the wrong place.

    All that said the sound is amazing. I parked my friends Model 3 directly next to mine and copied some flac files so we could listen to exactly the same music, and the difference was dramatic. The Model 3 has a very decent system to begin with but as I posted before, its a little flat, and when you increase the tone in the mixer it gets a little muddy sounding. The lack of base response and peaky frequency response in general prevented me from truly enjoying just sitting in my car. I really get into my music so I want it to sound the way the artist intended. The new system balances out the sound and stays clear even when you adjust the sound to more rich settings. It's as if you had been listening to your music underwater and finally poked your head out of the water. First time I heard it I thought "This is the sound I would expect in a $60k+ car!!!"

    The service also has far surpassed my expectations. Rick Reus is not the greatest with responding to emails but he will pick up the phone and give you a call pretty quick. I have probably spent 2 or 3 hours just talking audio with him over the phone. While Im not the most educated in the terminology and theory behind these systems, I was able to explain to him in my own way, what I was looking for and he was able to interpret that well. He talked me out of purchasing DSPs and other expensive components that other audio experts were trying to get me to buy and explained the why. Cliff flew out within about 6 weeks from the time I gave them my deposit and set everything up in my garage. He then went off to install a few other systems in Houston. After a few days obsessing over the system (And annoying my wife and neighbors) I called Rick to talk about my experience. I explained how much better it was but I still felt there was something missing in the mid frequencies.... Everyone else that sat in the car was floored and thought I had hearing problems when I mentioned I was missing something... Rick however took it seriously and Cliff drove all the way back from Houston a few days later to tweak it to my taste before flying back to Cali. I was very impressed with the customer service. They also have a great program which they will swap out your system if you trade in your car and put a new one into your new car for only the cost of labor and travel expenses. That plus the fact they work with Tesla to ensure your warranties aren't void provides great investment protection.

    All in all I love the system and don't regret the money spent at all. If your in the DFW area and are interested in a system but want to hear it first, give me a shout and I'll let you hear mine. I don't work for Reus or have any business relationship with them, and hope this post doesn't make it sound like I do... I just really like the system and wanted to share.
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    Thanks for the report and recommendation, so glad you're satisfied. I just looked them up and made an inquiry to drop by since I'm close.
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    Definitly kinda of flat stock. I thought my old 97 z28 system was hopeless until I got a 13 band eq with sound lift and other time delay controls. Added a cheap kicker box and while its certainly not the best I’ve heard, but it’s better than the stock m3. The bass in the m3 does go okay deep, but has no kick, or tom tom to it whick, but might be the fault of the lack of control bands. But until i have time to figure the install out, the stock will do. Not going to spend thousands for something I now know is an easy fix.
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    So how much was the 2.5 system?
    You said you expected more for the money but you seem happy?
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    I'm having a hard time giving much credence to someone who repeatedly refers to low-end frequencies as "base".
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    Review is worthless without disclosing how much the system cost, IMO.
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    Count me as one for whom this sound system is among the best he’s ever heard (and I’ve had quite a few including a nice Levinson system in a Lexus and a Bose system in my Infiniti). I cannot imagine what more anyone would need. I certainly wouldn’t need to pay money to be splitting hairs. At this point that’s what it’s amount to. To each his own.
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    *it’d* amount to
  • I think the 2.5 system was about 3k and some change. If you're not local, they charge some travel expenses and spread them out based on the number of installs in the area. I think total expenses was about $400 for me. If you happen to go in and don't mind, please tell them I sent you as they have a referral program. Sorry for those who didn't think my review was worth anything. As I stated above, I am not a sound engineer... I often use the wrong terminology and never pretended to be a true audiophile. I do know what sounds good though (Of course that is subjective depending on who you). Again, if your in the DFW area and want to hear, please let me know. Thanks
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    My M3 will be the first car in a long time that I do *not* upgrade the sound system. Compared to stock systems in my previous cars, it's way better. Compared to the upgraded systems I've had before, it falls short. Definitely missing a sub. But good enough.

    That Reus system sounds very nice. Enjoy!
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    Sorry if my comment was confusing. At the price point I expected that more of the speakers would be replaced(They added crossovers replaced some tweeters, added the 10" sub and amp in the enclosure to match the hidden compartment in the trunk, and a center channel behind the rear view mirror. Leaving the factory speakers in the doors just tuned using the crossover),, but I am very happy with the sound. 3k + travel expenses is what I paid. I heard they were developing some speakers for the doors for their higher end systems but haven't seen or heard it yet.
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    I did a write up of my Audio upgrade love it a lot . You can use the is a base recipe or modify some parts as you need . Around 4k cost if you follow it exactly . Blows Reuss out of the water !!
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