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Used Car Delivery Time - What is Normal



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    Maybe it's just me, but I'm always amazed when I hear people comment about having completed payment in full before the car is actually ready to pick up. In my case the wire transfer didn't get triggered until the vehicle was physically at the delivery center and fully prepped waiting for me to receive it the next day. That's doesn't resolve the frustration in delays for delivery, but I can at least control my timing payment.
  • @p.c.mcavoy--not sure how you were able to pickup the car without Tesla receiving the money ahead of time. For my used purchased, money was wired the day before pickup, but Tesla corporate hadn't applied it to my account at the time of pickup. That led to nearly having to cancel pickup. Fortunately, the Westmont Center tracked down someone at Tesla Corp. on a Sat. afternoon who confirmed money was there but just hadn't been applied to the account. Maybe the difference is new vs. used? Or, they've changed their policies recently. My pickup was late Dec 2018. And, I used Tesla's recommended bank thinking that would simplify things.
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    What I learned from my experience:

    Tesla is vague about delivery dates because the process depends on the Delivery Center. No matter what anyone else tells you along the way, the Delivery Center takes the car only when it fits their schedule and a couple days after that is when you get the car.

    Expect that the process will take a month. If it does better than that, you'll be happy and won't be totally surprised if it takes five weeks.

    The reason that your Delivery Advisor is not proactive about emails regarding schedule is because they have no control or visibility. It's all about the Delivery Center.

    Tesla is unlikely to change this CPO process because they're selling cars at a significant discount to what others are selling used Teslas for. If you want the discount, you're going to have to deal with it.
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    @bryan.hopkins - I didn’t say I picked up the car before Tesla had my money. What I said is I did not have the money wire transferred until the car was actually at the service center handling my delivery and they actually had completed inspection and prep of the car. Once they told me the car was ready for pick-up is when I transferred the money in the afternoon.

    My post was not prompted by your OP, but the post by @lskarp where it appears they did their wire transfer on Wed given a ‘projected’ delivery for the following Monday before the car had even been moved from storage facility to the delivery center. Our two posts got split onto two separate pages (his end of page 1, mine top of page 2). That reference may not have been obvious as I did not directly reference him by name in my post.
  • I've been waiting over 3 weeks now! I was under the impression that the "up to 3 week" delivery time would be the very worst scenario and never happen. It's supposed to be shipped from California and still, as of today hasn't left California. I believe there is a good chance that it will be way beyond the 30 day allotment I received for my auto loan. And I'm concerned that when the car finally ships I will have to re-apply, what if i'm not approved?? I have had to turn my lease in and have had to borrow vehicles, I'm on the verge of asking Tesla to pay for a loaner. I would highly advise against buying a used Tesla and having it shipped anywhere!
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    After reading all the CPO purchases above, I feel just a 'little' better about my current, ongoing experience:

    I found the car to be located in San Diego, CA. I also have a trade-in, to which the sales advisor confirmed the trade-in offer amount, and I proceeded to the next step (same day). On April 10th, 2019 I made the initial $2500 deposit reservation, filled out the proper financing paperwork, along with my vehicle trade-in paperwork. So at this point, I provided all the possible information that I need to provide; financing, trade-in, pay off amount, registration, insurance, title, etc.

    A few hours later (still April 10th), I receive an email from Tesla ([email protected]), stating that my finance application has been approved, with an 'approximate' estimate of the offer, which included my down payment*, loan amount, taxes, fees, monthly payment, etc. Upon examining the offer and doing some math, I come to find out they did not even include the positive equity of the net trade-in value of my trade-in, and to my first time knowledge the vehicle sales tax of the full car amount.
    **A side note: I am from Missouri, where you get a trade-in sales tax credit on vehicle purchases. Example; Vehicle cost is 40,000, my trade-in is valued at 20,000, I would only pay sales tax on 20,000 (40,000 - 20,000).
    So, I was very confused at first. Then, after calling some local DMV's (California and Missouri), I found out that California does not offer a vehicle trade-in tax credit (unless you meet some very special requirements, which I did not apparently). So, by buying a vehicle in California it would cost me substantially more than in Missouri. I then called my sales advisor and expressed my concerns, which he completely understood and offered to have the vehicle transported to Phoenix, AZ area, where the trade-in tax credits apply. After doing some online research I confirmed what he said, and agreed to have the vehicle pick up location change (no additional cost apparently, but we will see when the time comes). I then sent an email to the Tesla Auto Finance letting them know whats going on, and request an adjusted quote that would reflect the accurate information that would include the trade-in equity and trade-in sales tax credit, no reply. I did get an email from a delivery people, stating that I need to complete my online information (finance, trade-in, etc), in order to pick up the vehicle.
    **Side note: To this day (April 18th, 2019) I have not received an email back from Tesla Auto Finance, even though I emailed them literally 4 times since, asking to find out if I should fill out a different finance application, or they would adjust it on the back end. Silence.
    Since I was not getting any responses from the finance people, I decided to call Tesla (after googling some numbers), and I ended up getting transferred to a delivery/service center in Kansas City, MO area. (closest to my zip code). I spoke to a guy who was very helpful, and he said that they had yet to 'confirm' my trade in on their end, to which he was very surprised. He said that was the reason why finance wasn't making any moves, because they were waiting on the trade-in. He then offered to 'confirm' the trade-in again (I thought I already did that with my sales advisor), he got my pay off information and the bank, called them and said the trade in is now confirmed, gave me a new trade-in offer over the phone (slightly lower than what my sales advisor said).

    A few more days passed and I again haven't heard any updates from anyone. I called the same Kansas City center and spoke with a lady this time. She said that I now had a new loan offer that is slightly different (now includes the new sales tax in the loan), and I asked why didn't finance call or email me to let me know, and she didn't know. I then asked for the new offer quote to be emailed to me for review, and she stated that she could not do that, and that only after I accept the loan offer over the phone, I would get an official agreement later (via account) to sign. (which I still haven't received as of April 18th). Around the same day, I receive an email from another delivery specialist stating that my vehicle is ready to be picked up at the Arizona location.

    I eagerly reply asking about the financial agreement, she replies back the next day stating that it would be generated 24 hours prior 'delivery', saying that her 'contracts' team will not provide a contract until a delivery is scheduled. At this point I am again confused, as I thought I would have to have the financial taken care of, prior to the pick up. Since I live in Missouri, and my schedule is tight, I went online to see the hours of operation of that particular delivery/service center (Tempe, AZ), which it stated it was open 6 days/week, except Sundays. So I plan on taking care of everything on Monday, April 22nd, I purchase my one way plane ticket to Phoenix, AZ to pick up the car. I email her back, letting her know my plan about Monday, how I bought the flight, my itinerary, etc. She replies back a day later, verbatim; "We are closed Sundays and Mondays." At this point I am so frustrated with the whole experience, I start to type a very firm email, but I delete it. I double check online to make sure I did not make any mistakes and that they are actually open on Monday, which they are. Even her signature in the email states that they are open M-F 7AM - 4PM! I email her back asking to confirm if they are in fact closed Mondays, despite what her signature and online information says.. And now I am waiting on the reply, April 18th, 2019

    Sorry for the long rant, but this has been the most frustrating car purchase of my life.
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    If anyone has any thoughts, comments or suggestions on what I should do, or not do, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    I put down the $2,500 deposit on 4/30/19 and I live in San Ramon. Model S is in Las Vegas. I got a called from Fremont Tesla saying the car is ready to ship to my home tomorrow. I was not expecting this early. However, I will pay in cash and trade in my Mazda3. Tesla will bring my Mazda3 back to Fremont.
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    I shouldn't have started reading these posts as now I am really discouraged. I put $2500 down on my 2015 P90DL on Monday, May 6, 2019, and decided to get financing through Tesla. The process was really smooth and the next day I had an offer at 4.79% interest through Wells Fargo. I decided to reach out to my credit union instead and they came back with 1.8%, so I decided to use them instead. I was told by my delivery specialist that since the car was already in Orlando (where I live), it should be a pretty fast process and should only take about 5 to 7 days from start to finish. I am on day 15 now and impatiently waiting to pick up a $50k+ car that I have yet to even see. It's pretty frustrating. If the communication was better, I would understand. This being a completely futuristic company and all, they are in the stone ages when it comes to keeping their customers up to date, which is really sad.
  • rich.gault - reach out to your delivery specialist and/or sales person and start rattling some chains. I had to get pretty forceful to get them to complete all the paperwork so the car could be delivered.
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    Ordered new model3 standard plus on 5/19/2019. Does anyone how long does it take for them to deliver the car .
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    FunStuff. Places my deposit for a MS85 located in south Florida. Carfax showed some tire work logged in South Florida. I’m pretty sure the car is here. Location for pick up is about 30 miles away and on the way to work. No trade in and my own bank financing. All info filled out. Hoping for a smooth pick up. I sold my BoltEV and have been driving a 2016 Corolla that one of my in-laws wants to sell. Even with a FREE car, paying for gas sucks. That stuff is expensive for a commute.
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    Not sure if I am going for the record here but it's day 25 since my order on May 3rd and I still do not have a master sales agreement to provide to the bank (already got approved via Tesla online application) nor my advisor (John Pier) can even commit to date when I would actually get one. Car pick-up location has changed from NY to MA and last conversation I was told it will be in NJ but my account still shows NY location. If anyone knows any e-mail addresses or phone numbers of anyone at Tesla customer service - would much appreciate it! My calls to MA location always end-up with a return call from my CA-based sales advisor who can't promise anything (why would anyone assign a CA-based sales advisor to CT customer looking to purchase NJ-based car - puzzles me!)
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    I am experiencing the same frustration. I placed my order on June 14, 2019 and still no one can tell me anything about the car. The vehicle is a transfer from Baltimore to Chicago. I made my downpayment and immediately uploaded all documentation and zero updates. I have exchanged email and text messages more than a dozen times with the Inside Delivery Advisor and the Vehicle Sales Advisor and no one can tell me where the car is. No one can say if it's been shipped, if it's still in Baltimore, if it's on the way, literally zero update at all. None. This is beyond frustrating.

    "We do apologize on delays. When it comes to this part which is logistics is out of our control. We do understand you need your vehicle and we are having our team work to have an update for you as soon as we get them."

    17 days and no one can tell me where the car is. Zero updates, zero help, zero care!! Further, today Illinois doubled their tax on gasoline to $0.38 per gallon.
  • Not that it is an excuse or any consolation, I would bet they have been concentrating on new car deliveries in order to satisfy Wall Street. I had the same issue when I purchased my used car at the end of December 2018. Trying to get updates was next to impossible. Hoping you get an update this next week after the madness has calmed down. Their customer service on sales/delivery pulls an extremely hard vacuum. Service for me has been great and I love driving the car. It does somewhat help with the bad side of Tesla. Hang in there.
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    So frustrating...

    June 14 - Paid
    June 26 - "No update yet and still waiting for one"
    June 27 - "We do apologize on delays. When it comes to this part which is logistics is out of our control. We do understand you need your vehicle and we are having our team work to have an update for you as soon we get them."
    June 28 - "I reached out to our team and is waiting on an update"
    July 1 - "Unfortunately there is no update yet. I will let you know when we get one"
    Jul 2 - "No update yet. We have escalated this and should be getting you an answer soon"
    July 3 - "They don’t have an update yet Thank you for your patience "
    July 5 - "I still see no updates. Please let me know if we need to transfer your deposit to a vehicle that is more local to you? What is your situation like for getting this vehicle?"

    Still no information on what is happening.
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    July 10 - Payment + 26 days. I was told today that the vehicle is still sitting and being prepped for transport. I even asked if I could cancel transport and fly myself to the vehicle to get it and drive it back home myself. Was told that's not an option. I just can't believe it to be quite honest.
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    I had to wait over 6 weeks to get mine and I have friends who work at Tesla. Apparently I wasn't the only customer who bought a car. LOL. Seriously Tesla is very busy trying to satisfy all their customers and communication isn't their strong suit. The man I was suppose to be dealing with the whole time never contacted me once after emailing him. Had to bypass him and go higher up. He no longer works there. I can see why. They need a communication centre strictly for answering questions and doing follow ups. But as with every industry they are experiencing cut backs too.
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    I placed my order on 7/10/19. The listed price was $36,200. I was super excited at this price for a 2013 Model S 85, with 49K miles. I immediately put down my deposit and uploaded the required information, only to find a purchase price of $37,500 on my purchase agreement..... wait... what??? Am I missing something? Where did the extra $1,200 magically appear? The purchase agreement states that the price shown does not include taxes and other fees. Has anyone ran into this issue when placing an order?
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    forgive my math during a rant of frustration.... ***where did the extra $1,300 come from
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    @vibranium, sales tax is never included in anything that I buy anywhere, cars, houses, dog food included.
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    @faiz, @vib's issue is the quoted price upon purchase was $36.2K, and now it appears Tesla wants $37.5K. Both figures of course, are exclusive of tax and registration fees.

    By any chance did they add transportation to @vib's nearest delivery center (e.g., it needed to be shipped from elsewhere)?
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    @rxlawdude, @faiyaza I am aware that taxes are not factored into the price. I was just making a point of the instant jump in price with no explanation. No communication has been given. No transportation cost or anything. I simply agreed to the asking price of $36,2000, put down the required deposit, uploaded the necessary information, and then boooooom!!!!! A $1,300 jump in the price appeared on the purchase agreement. What am I missing?
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    As stated above, you're looking at the addition of 3.6% tax on the purchase. That's what you're missing.
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    Thank you @nexxus
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