Tesla school bus

When will Tesla make school buses? They charge all night and day for 2 hours of work? No money in it?


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    They won't. There is already at least company that is building EV school buses and besides that is a very limited market. Some school districts/towns own their respective buses. Meaning the purchase, in the case of an EV bus, would have to come out of the town budget which in most places is already stretched thin. Other towns/districts contract out the busing, but of course that contract cost comes out of the town budget. If the bus company purchases an EV bus at a much higher cost, that will only trickle down to what they charge the towns they have contacts with.
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    Model 3 35K version
    Model Y
    Roadster 2.0
    Tesla Semi
    Pickup Truck
    many be some new versions of Model S/X

    I think long way to go to even think about Tesla Bus.
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    There is a company in Quebec that builds school bus & are very successful. Check it out!
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    Only if it’s a Plaid version...
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    The above may be true but ... This is a public service that would provide our children with the safest and most reliable transportation possible. I find it hard to find a product by Tesla that would have a better impact on the lives of the children and they are introduce to Tesla at a young age. PLEASE do it.
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    How many kids would not literally LOVE TO DEATH to get on the CyberSchoolBus every single morning?
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    Would it have seatbelts?
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  • well true
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