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FOR SALE - 2.5 Roadster Parts (HPC & Soft top - oem)

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Previous post for sale oem parts:

1. HPC (used) - asking price is $700

2. Brand new soft top - asking price is $1,200

Please provide email address if interested and I’ll send you pictures of interested item. I live in Bay Area and prefer not to ship the items. Thanks!


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    Please send photo of car and price, etc. I am interested in purchasing. Thank you!
  • Is this still available? How much are you asking?
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    Is this still available? Where?
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    All, sorry for not providing any further information or photos of my Roadster after my initial posting. This is my first time posting and I can't seem to find anywhere on this site to attach the photos. I can confirm my electric blue Roadster is still available for sale and I'm in the Bay Area. Below are some specific details.

    Roadster has 288 hp, 215kW electric motor, 273 lb-ft, according to our invoice when we bought it in May 2011. We added the following options:

    Premium paint and seats
    2. Paint armor
    3. Infotainment
    4. Custom tuned adjustable suspension
    5. Carbon fiber hard top
    6. Upgraded Xenon headlights
    7. Solar guard windshield

    Current mileage is approx 63,000 and was mainly my work commuter car (4days/week). On Standard mode, range is about 130 miles and Full mode is 150/160. It's still the original battery and has no issues other than normal usage.

    Asking price is $53,500 which includes the spare mobile connector, High Power Charger, hard top w/ storage case, one gently used and one brand new black soft tops too.

    Please only inquire if you are seriously considering my offer. I will upload pictures when I can figure it out. Or you can private message me with your email address and I can send it directly to you. Thanks for checking out my post!
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    I have two OEM Roadster parts for sale now that I sold my 2011 Roadster:

    1. High Power Charger (HPC) - used

    2. Soft top - brand new, unopened and never used

    Asking $700 for HPC and $1,200 for soft top. If interested please provide me your email address and I can send you pictures for the interested item(s). Thanks!
  • Who knows how expensive it is to maintain this car, I want to ask those drivers who purchased this model as soon as it came out and uses it for everyday driving
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    hey wendall - if the soft top is still available i'm interested. [email protected]

  • I wanted to ask if they are suitable for my model? -
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