Positive HPWC Installation Experience

edited November -1 in Texas
We had a positive experience yesterday getting an HPWC installed for our X 100D.

Chams Electrical Service charged us a reasonable amount to install the HPWC above the 14-50 outlet we have been using to charge the X, plus they also installed a surge protector into the panel used for our EV charging, to provide some additional protection for the Tesla onboard and offboard charging hardware. And, they replaced the 50A breaker in the panel with a 60A breaker, allowing the HPWC to send 48A to the X (20% faster than the 14-50 connector).

We had a quote from another of Tesla's recommended installers - and they wanted $350 more to do the same installation.

Plus they were trying to get us to spend another $2100 to run a 100A conduit back to the breaker panel - which not only wouldn't look great in our garage, with a supercharger only 15 minutes from us, we don't need to charge above 48A...

For anyone in Houston looking for an electrician to install their HPWC - would highly recommend Chams.
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