Model 3

Charging very slowly



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    @SPF - GHammer's is the most likely solution. It also could be a significant voltage drop due to undersized wiring. To check this, plugin and look at the voltage/current in the car. It should ramp up to beyond 12 amps. If it does, and the voltage sags, it may cut it back to12 amps to be safe and not overheat the wires. If it never goes beyond 12 amps over a minute or two, then the voltage sag issue is unlikely.
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    @TT The statement "The Tesla Touchscreen Display won't let me go higher than 12 A when plugged in." Leads me to believe the wall connector is telling the car it is only capable of 12 amps due to the mis-set rotary.
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    Thank you so much for the quick responses - much appreciated! And sorry for the triple posting...not sure what I did!
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    @GHammer - I wasn't sure how much time elapsed between plugging in and looking at the amps. I thought once it is limited in a charging session due to voltage sag, it wouldn't allow an increase in amperage. I've never had the problem, so I may be wrong about that. Still, I think your solution is far more likely.
  • I had the same problem today. It was charging at 7 mph. Found out that the Charger wire was little loose. I removed the connector and plugged back correctly. Now the charging back at 32Amps and 31 mph
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