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$7500 Tax Rebate - what kind of proof will I need?

Hello everyone, I took Model 3 delivery in 2018, so I qualify for $7500 rebate. I wonder what kind of proof will I need to submit to IRS? Should I get any forms from Tesla? Or is it just by VIN number?
(If just by the VIN number, then what if someone submits a rebate with my VIN number?)
Thanks in advance.


  • The IRS form only asks for your VIN#, make & model of car. If you get audited, you have your title and paperwork from Tesla to support your claim.
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    You just need the VIN number. If someone else uses your VIN number for the credit before you do, and the IRS rejects your claim, you can always submit documentation to prove you're the owner.
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    Also, note it is a credit and not a rebate. You will only get the $7500 if you have that much of a tax liability after deductions.
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    I privately sold my first LR Model 3 for a P3D. Plan to ask for a rebate on both, which is allowed. Problem is I never photocopied my original title before giving it to the owner (whobthen gave it to an out of state DMV). I only have the Tesla paperwork and registration document. Worse case, does anyone think I may have an issue proving ownership of the first M3 if audited?
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    You won't have criminal liability since no willful tax fraud... may have penalties and interest if IRS won't accept your proof for the first purchase. In any regard, an audit is very unlikely
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    Download IRS Form 8936 and follow the instructions.
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    @meni... you have a tag receipt, no?

    It’ll only be a possible issue on IRS audit... in which case the EV credit may be the least of your worries for documentation ;)
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    @rdavis yep have the registration. Wanted to know if that’s enough, and hoping you’re right that it is! Regarding an audit, I know you’re kidding but I always make sure to have correct paperwork in case of one. Because not having the right document to get a $7500 refund will indeed be the worse of my problems in an audit:)
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    @meni, here's one of the checks for qualifying for the rebate on Form 8936:

    "You acquired the vehicle for use or to lease to others, and not for resale."

    If audited just be careful how you explain the sale. :^)
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