Wish List for Next Update



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    How about a point or score system with visual effects on a driver’s regenerative breaking efforts while approaching or coming to complete stop?

    With regenerative braking setting in standard mode, while coming to a stop, once the driver releases the accelerator and the stop is completed without the driver applying the brake or feathering the accelerator and nails the stop at the perfect placement to the limit line shown on the visual display, the driver could receive a score or points showing the driver’s stopping efficiency and if the stop is performed with no input of the brake or accelerator, something visual can appear on the screen congratulating the driver’s efficiency. The driver’s efficiency score or points accumulated along their route could also be viewed during and after their drive.

    Who says driving more efficiently cannot be fun?
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    What type of set do you have? Does it fall under the Technic theme? Our lighting bricks are innovative and of awesome quality. With us, you don't have to break the bank to get the right lights.
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    I would like to see elevation displayed on supercharger map.
    Also an elevation indicator in the car.
    On long and arduous trips it would certainly aid in energy management
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    My wish list remains the same - variable speed limiter and awareness of real-time speed limit changes. I believe it will be coming anyway though due to legislation that apples to all vehicles sold here in a couple of years.

    Difficult to think of anything else I need and which is practical to provide. Possibly the option to dip mirrors with a voice command when moving forward at low speed. Would help with parking at the kerb and when pulling out of tight spaces.
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    I'm an entrepreneur whose time is restrained and I waste an excessive amount of time while my driver goes to work.
    The latest update consists of an LED backseat screen and an internet connection along the way. I have online stores like and lots of others, and it is very critical if I lose my clients because of no connection medium. So this will serve as a great tool for me to stay updated with my stores and not lose any clients. This should be a potential upgrade in all models!
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    Both % of charge AND range displayed simultaneously. Why not?
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    Setting the current (Ampere) from the smartphone app. Would allow to speed up or slow down charging (non at SuC, obvious) from anywhere.
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    Not sure how to post a new thread...I have emailed the forum host about 10 times for approval. UGH. That said - this is for the Tesla engineers: The MY needs a software update to allow a "Home" setting for the tailgate, as I'm sure many owners like me have had to use the adjustment feature to keep the tailgate from opening fully to avoid hitting the garage door after you pull in. But then in the entire rest of the world I'm bumping my head on the tailgate because it doesn't open fully!!! Simple software update, please! If someone wants to post this as a new thread I'd appreciate it.
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    Send a location from phone to Tesla works just with a denoted address in an almost perfect form not with gps coordinates so it's useless in 75 %. Please fix this, thank you for understanding. This is how it works everywhere in every app but not with Tesla :(
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    I’m thinking the phone app could be more helpful in diagnosing / reporting car issues. I saw in another thread that Ford had an app that gave monthly health reports on the car, something like that. Even if it is very ‘behind the scenes’ I think the phone could be a better tool in finding issues and diagnosing them. Perhaps there are already 3rd party apps that do this, or 3rd party services, that give details on vampire drain et al.

    Then again, maybe there is already a bunch of behind the scenes stuff being done by the phone that I don’t know about because I’m in front.
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    @PrescottRichard - I like the idea. Of course, an ICE car has hundreds of more things that go wrong, and many more maintenance items such as oil and filter changes. At least Tesla will display a problem in English in the car instead of a blinking engine icon that tells you almost nothing without a scan tool.
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    Virtual 360 degree view from above when parking. Other cars have this and certainly Tesla’s all have the technology to do this.
  • rickpaul,

    This has been posted several times. Apparently, the cameras are positioned for self driving and not top-down view.
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    I really wish a fast way to put my Tesla M3 into CarWash Mode.

    Driver has to leave the car:

    Fold in the mirrors.
    Deactivate automatic wipers.
    Deactivate alarm system and guard mode.
    Before being pushed onto the conveyor belt, the car must be set to "P" to activate the towing mode.
    Activate the "towing mode" when the brake is depressed in the vehicle settings under "Service". The vehicle now automatically switches to "N" and remains in this mode even after getting out of the car.
    Get out and lock the vehicle (vehicle can continue to roll freely). To be on the safe side, deactivate the Bluetooth on the mobile phone for Model 3. This avoids the risk that, for example, the flap of the charging port may accidentally open due to pressure and be torn off by the brushes.
    After the washing process, open the vehicle and get in (on Model 3, switch the Bluetooth on the mobile phone on again).
    Deactivate the "towing mode" under "Service" again when the brake is depressed. (goes faster by pressing "P" once briefly and confirming the message).

    Translated with (free version)

    This is way to complicated!
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    Please, sharing destination to Tesla does not work under different languages (Czech) at all despite all other apps work correctly in the same way. Please fix this bug. Thank you for understanding :)
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    Using the Vent option from the App: Living in the UK we get variable weather; one minute the sun can be generating 40 degrees plus in the car, the next its tipping down.. I often use the app to vent the car, could the app send an alert at dusk so that I remember to close the windows (I currently set an alarm but as the car is smarter than me....) Also, once the windows are in vent position could the rain sensor be activated so that it will close the windows. If there is an issue with an automated window close then could it send an alert "your seats are getting wet" to the app so that the user can force close the windows from the app.
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