How do I get Tesla to refund our reservation deposit?

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We cancelled our Tesla 3 reservation in August. We've called many times through the fall and keep getting told "let me check some resources on this" or "it's been elevated to a manager" or "the refund investigation department is working on it" or "we'll call you tomorrow". No-one calles, no-one emails. I'm getting sick of it, we want our deposit back.

What on earth do we need to do to get Tesla to refund us?


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    Click the search button.
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    We finally have our refund.

    We cancelled our reservation in august, and requested our refund. Followed up several times, and you get ambiguous excuses, no-one follows through, no-one returns emails, no-one calls you. Always some other department's job, and no manager available. Finally, I started calling twice a day, yelled and screamed at one guy, no-one would put a supervisor on. They knew I was right, but wouldn't talk to me. Finally got a supervisor who actually agreed to personally follow it through, and received the cheque about 10 days later. Five months it took to get the 3-4 week refund. FIVE MONTHS!

    Tesla knows talking to people doesn't make you money. Tesla knows the average person willing to fork out money for a Tesla does not have the time to chase them for trivial problems. So they try to wait you out. You can't call them. They don't return emails.

    Last year we made an educated consumer decision not to purchase a Tesla. Our experience has ensured that we will never purchase anything from Tesla. Ever.
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    been holding my reservations for 3 years
    I love it
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    I had a Model 3 reservation. Decided to get the Model S instead. I cancelled the reservation via my account online. Had the refund in my checking account in a few days. Nothing to see here!
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    Bought a 3 in January at the Tesla Store from inventory. WAs told the $1K deposit had to be credited to my card and would take 2-3 days; then told 2 weeks; then told a check would be in the mail in 60 business days.
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    Now, standard model, start from £38000 (after government grant) with all the upgrades -> Total £48100 after government grant. That's a £51600!!

    Fucking Musk promise!
  • hey,
    i was also looking for the same .
    thanks everyone for your responses. it was hlepful.
    best regards!!
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    So I inquired about my refund because I can't find record of them giving me one after cancellation.
    I would they have this information easily available.

    1. reserved 02//07/17
    2. canceled sometime in Q1 2018
    3. Logged in early 2019 - and no record of my reserving the model 3
    I have the reservation confirmation email + ID

    4. contacted support via email with Reserv ID. and now they want my address to mail check (if refund is still necessary)

    They have my Reserv ID, why can't they simply lookup my info and tell me if I've been paid and show me evidence, or just refund me back?
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    How do I get my deposit ?
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    I got the refund in the form of direct deposit soon after I cancelled the appointment. I don't think there was confirmation; I just saw the deposit in my bank account, wondering what it was, and then remembered it was the refund.
  • I ordered a Model X in August 2017 and made a $2,500 Deposit. My Mother passed and that changed everything financially for me as there were expenses to be taken care of!! I requested a Full Refund and after numerous inquiries to various levels of Store and Corporate Management I still have “0” “ZERO” “NADA” and it’s now been nearly Two Years!!! My recommendation is to NOT EVEN CONSIDER Purchasing any Model Tesla as you’ll be Duped if matters in your Life should very unfortunately change!!!
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    I call FUD
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    Thank you everybody for the information regarding getting the reservation refund back from Tesla. My wife and I are very enthusiastic about Tesla cars and the Model 3 in particular. Unfortunately, a change in our personal circumstances make it that we want to cancel our Model 3 reservation made a week ago. We will let you know here how quickly we will get our 3200 $ CAD refund ...
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    It would be great to not have to fight too much to get our reservation refund because we still want to buy a Tesla as soon as the opportunity present itself again.
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    Cant remember the last time that a decision to buy a $40k vehicle was determined by customer service experience that was not related to a purchase.
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    Hmmmhph. I had a reservation for the Model 3 early on and put down the initial $1,000 deposit. As more information came out about the car I realized it wasn't really what I wanted so I decided to buy an X and put down the $2,500 to order. Naturally, I cancelled my $1,000 reservation on line. It took about a month only I didn't receive $1,000 I received TWO $1,000 credits to my credit card. Knowing Tesla had made a mistake, I ignored the extra $1,000 credit. Within a couple of weeks, Tesla realized its mistake and cancelled the 2nd $1,000 credit and life went on.

    If anything, I was the beneficiary of too much response.
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    A little over a year ago, I had a $1000 deposit on a Model 3. I decided on a new Model S instead. I cancelled the Model 3,and requested that the deposit to be applied to a new Model S, which it immediately was.
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    We put a Model 3 deposit in early 2018. In March 2019, I purchased a Model 3, but the deposit was not credited to my purchase despite my best efforts to have it included. Now, six months later, I love my Model 3, but the deposit is still not returned. I am done waiting now, and am disappointed to have to
    begin escalating efforts . . . something is wrong . . .
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    I don’t see this option some have said exists to request a refund on my account. I have sent emails fairly regularly for 12 months with no luck at all. Not even one response. I have called and been fed up with waiting on hold for 40+ minutes with no answer, still no luck. I would love to know where this magic refund option exists online?
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    It had been 4 years Elon Musk is enjoying my $1000 deposit for model 3which I decided not to buy since the price was 50 k not 35 k as promised. I was told to go online and apply for refund but there is no process set to it. We all need to file a class action suit against Tesla and pursue with criminal action for the scam of Elon Musk.
    I have a S model bought in 2015. The service is horrible. Tesla is in suicide mode. They don’t care of their clients. Stay away from Tesla!
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    @taylor & @jayjgopalmd - did you go to your account, where it shows "Model 3". Click "Manage". There should be an option to cancel and refund the deposit. It should take all of 10 seconds. It worked for me as I ended up getting an S instead.

    @jayjgopalmd -The SR version has been available under $36K for almost a year now. While it was on the website originally, you can only order it at a store. Just request an SR. Not sure about your service problems. From the latest independent survey, Tesla is doing a good job - likely better than dealers. Satisfaction level still exceeds 97%, but that does mean 3% are unhappy.
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    @jayjgopalmd: "I decided not to buy since the price was 50 k not 35 k as promised."
    Why didn’t you buy the $35K one when it became available?
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    I ordered a model threeI in 2016 II asked for a refund now a few months ago and never got anything
    I sent an email
    where is my $1000 deposit ?
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    You cant get your reservation deposit back if you placed an order. You may not realize, but your claim does not make any sense.
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