Model X

200 days in repair shop (July) with no ETA

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Super frustrating experience as my model X is in repair ship since July with no ETA. There was an accident as other driver jumped the red light going on full speed and hit the car. My insurance already paid $30K to the body shop. The body shop is claiming that Tesla hasn't provided parts yet and have previously promised to get the car fixed in November, followed by December, before Xmas, before New Year and now it is 3rd week of Jan with no ETA. Don't know who to trust and have reached out to Tesla, Body shop, send emails, tweets to Elon but nothing yet...

Can you guys help or provide pointers? This is extremely frustrating as I am also paying for car rental on top of Tesla payments, expensive insurance, gas...

I am a long time Tesla shareholder, believer and car owner but this experience has left a very bad taste. This is not how you treat your customers!


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    I need a passenger seat replacement. Four months and still waiting... As soon as I get the seat replaced I will probably sell it... I’m out.
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