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Contemplating Purchasing a Used Roadster

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Any reasons not to go for this car?

I bought a Model 3 in September and I love it. I gave it to my mom and I’m thinking about getting a roadster as a daily driver for myself.

Is there anyone with Roadster experience in Indiapolis area who could go test drive the car for me? I live in Los Angeles so I’d like to avoid a trip out there.

Also, what happens in the event that I need to replace the battery? It seems the $29K 3.0 battery upgrade is no longer available and even if it was still available, I would probably want a cheaper solution.


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    Something to consider in your search... I purchased a roadster new in 2011. I loved the car. We use the car as a daily commuter (about 80 miles per day) and have over 80K miles on the vehicle. Over the last 2 years, I'm not loving the car as much because parts for the vehicle are now difficult to obtain and getting harder and harder to come by. Recently we had the 220v charging cords burn out (twice) and its now been almost 3 months and I still don't have a replacement (tesla is trying to find one for us). We had another experience where getting a part was a multi-month process. We are using the 110v charger and cant get a full charge overnight so have to use a gas vehicle instead at least 1 day per week. I guess Tesla's approach is like a tech company rather than a car company... when it gets a bit old, get rid of it and replace it -rather than that of a car company where old cars exist and are still on the road and can be supported.
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    mpo, your best bet is to get the can: then any J1772 charge station will work.

    I had the equivalent for Type 2 (Europe), and this was a lifesaver.
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    I'm always looking for some good offer for used tesla with
    You can find some real gems
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