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EV Car | Google Assistant

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Did anyone tried EV Car | Google Assistant -

I don't really feel comfortable to submit/enter "myTesla" account credentials even to Google and/or Amazon...

Please advise.


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    If you’re not comfortable providing your credentials, then don’t. There’s no way to use third party apps without those credentials, so you have to weigh the utility of those apps against your security concerns.
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    But this isn't providing the credentials to Google. When I tried this it took me to some random web page hosted on AWS. I'm sorry, I don't know these people, I'm not giving them my Tesla credentials.

    I would give Google my Tesla credentials.

    There are also better ways to handle this using protocols like OAuth, so you don't have to trust these people with your credentials. But Tesla would have to implement support for that. On quick glance, it doesn't appear to me that they even officially support using their APIs (people seem to have reverse-engineered them). But I could be wong -- I'm new to this space.
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    I have it. It would be awesome except it won’t work when the car is asleep. It says the car isn’t responding and to try again soon. Sometimes it wakes up in a minute or two and sometimes it doesn’t seem to wake up. Would to use it more reliably.
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    I made the leap. Pretty awesome to unlock the car for the kids while I'm still in the house. My two main commands I bark at my Google Home speaker are:
    Unlock Car

    The Google assistant routine then does the full EV Car command for me.
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    I am generally opposed to providing credentials to 3rd party services/add-ons, even services with more official reputations in industries. I definitely avoid it if it risks business security (for things like Office 365 integrations). There is no way to insure that app developers are using basic security or best practices. Almost certainly there is no 3rd party auditing, security testing or liability insurance when things do go wrong (remote activation by a hacker of summon mode for all vehicles using an app?).

    Separately, I refuse to any Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integration because I'm not yet willing to hand over my privacy to Google/Amazon yet, for the convenience of their virtual assistants (subsidized by the monetization of our privacy). I understand that plenty of users don't care about that issue, yet.

    For me the greatest risk is a Summon command being sent to all or some vehicles, and me as an owner having no way to (1) know what happened and (2) nobody to cover the financial damages. Almost certainly, Tesla will say the API was unofficial and the developer will say it was at own risk AND they have no liability insurance to cover it.

    Most app users likely won't care about these issues because they favor convenience over those risks, just as they favor convenience over giving up the privacy of not having microphones/sensors sharing data with companies like Google, Amazon.

    With all of that said, I did recently start using one of the 3rd party Tesla apps and also created my own integrations with my own car using the API, which (as noted above) is UNOFFICIAL. Since it is unofficial and has no UI in the Tesla website or app for tokens, there is no simple way around providing credentials in some way. Unless you are familiar with JSON or other programming tools to create your own tokens, using your own code, you will rely on apps to create those tokens. There are ways to mitigate the risks involved, but how will you really know what steps are taken to protect your username/password/vehicle access? For now, I enjoy the data I get from the app and the Siri Shortcuts offered, although the vehicle "wakeup" delay is hindering that a bit.

    If you aren't comfortable with sharing credentials for this unofficial API Tesla is allowing, then your safest option is to create your own services to access your car.
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    Do you mind sharing the code you mention below?

    "... also created my own integrations with my own car using the API, which (as noted above) is UNOFFICIAL"

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    You have to decide if the benefit is worth the risk. I did give4 TezLab my credentials, I like the stats it provides. Getting stats via Google Assistant isn't very appealing to me, I'd rather read them in an app, so I won't be installing EV Car.
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