Getting Build Specs from Tesla?

I bought my S used over a year ago and I’ve tried numerous times to get my build specs loaded into my account. I’ve called and sat on hold for an insane amount of time, emailed, and even asked the guys at the service department. The only thing I’ve been able to accomplish is a spec sheet that when I click on it, loads 2 blank pages. One looks horizontal and the other vertical.

I’m hoping someone on here can tell me the secret password to getting this resolved or possibly someone monitors these forums and can help me out.


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    This information was previously available on the account page, along with all the sales documents and contracts. They are no longer available on the account page.
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    Likely a deliberate move specifically designed to help keep purchaser's personal informal private in a world where "hacking" has become the latest craze in criminality so, clearly, a very wise move indeed.
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    Service emailed me the window sticker for the used S I bought recently, does that help?
  • Did you go into the service department or call them?

    This has taken over a year. I’ve called a couple of separate times, and the last time the guy told me someone would be emailing me. That never happened.

    I love the car, but man the service line is no help.
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    To be completely honest with you, you're story isn't making much sense at all.
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    What specs are you looking to get?
  • Blue adept, what can I clarify for you that isn’t making sense?

    Jordan, I’m trying to ge the actual build specs of the car. What features were included when built, manufacturing date, etc. Basically, as someone mentioned above, the original sticker. When I click on the manage button in the my account section, and then click on specs, the pages are blank.
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    The "window sticker" isn't going to tell you when specifically the car was built, down to the day. To know what month it was made, just look at the driver's door jam. As for what features it was built with, whatever the car has now is what it was built with. Are you suspecting that someone removed something?
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    Drew- I got that sticker emailed when I asked for it via the webpage for my car. It did take a week or so. That is only a starting point but it’ll show options and their costs. Certainly things could have been added later, I had the tire pressure management system updated when the one on the car had the batteries die. Some have had MCU2 upgrades, etc. Wheels, center console, and I’m sure some other stuff could be added later.

    The .pdf that you’re referring to isn’t blank in my case but is pretty sparse.

    Going through the options on the large screen one at a time is the best way to learn what is there now, also changing what’s displayed on the instrument cluster. Hold down one of the scrolll wheels for a couple seconds and you’ll be able to select vehicle. That’ll show tire pressures for example, if it does you have the Continental (newer) TPMS as I understand it.
  • Thanks Prescott, that’s what I’m referring to. My main thing is if I want to sell the car, I need to convey what came with it. There has also been some upgrades to it, which is part of the reason why I’m looking for the original specs. I’ll try and email them again.

    The car was a Jan 2017 build, which is another thing I’m looking for clarification on, because of the Supercharging options. When I bought it, it came with 400 Kw, but those have never reset. I’m curious if it qualifies for the free supercharging, but at the very least, the 400 kw should be resetting annually.
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    Drew- I just got my sticker via email yesterday, the 28th and asked for it on the 26th. That’s the FASTEST response I’ve gotten from Tesla! Here is the text. Go ahead and ask for the sticker by the name she points out so you look like you know what you’re talking about vs me calling it a ‘window sticker’ :)

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for reaching out to Tesla customer support. I do apologize for the delayed response due to high email volume. I just wanted to reach out to you about your concern about, can someone email me the window sticker.

    Yes, I can provide you with the window sticker, the technical name for this is Monroney Sticker. I have attached a copy of your sticker with this email.

    If you have not been able to resolve this concern, please respond to this email and I will be happy to assist. If you already got this concern alleviated, please disregard my email.

    Thank you,

    Stephanie | Service Support
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    Try looking at your 'configurator' page in your account...It should display every option you chose when you originally placed your order.

    It's easy enough to print the screen out or do a 'screengrab' to print out if you need to.
  • Thanks again for all of the replies. I’ve emailed them asking for a Monroney Sticker. Hopefully this will work.
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    I sent an email asking for the Vehicle Configuration and Final Price Sheet. I received them in 2 days. I did not get the Monroney Sticker though, but I also did not ask for it. I will have to email again and ask for it.
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